Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TIME MACHINE ... More On Earthquake Shocks In Eastern Shore History!

(The following news items appeared in The Denton Journal in Denton, Md)

September 4, 1886

At a few minutes before ten o'clock on Tuesday night the whole area of the Eastern and Southern States was violently shaken by an earthquake. The prohibition meeting held in the Masonic Hall in Denton was just closing and several persons felt the shock. Clocks were stopped, hanging lamps swung, and doors thrown open by an invisible force. In Denton, it lasted about a half minute and the wave like motion was felt by a great many families. Reports from all sections show that the shock was general, reaching from New York to the Gulf. (The newspaper went on to report that Charleston, South Carolina had a dozen shocks with more than 50 fatalities and several hundred injured.)

October 6, 1888

A Cambridge dispatch reports that a very perceptible earthquake shock was felt in Dorchester County a few days ago.

December 23, 1899

Two distinct earthquake shocks were felt in this county.

May 12, 1906

An earthquake lasting several seconds badly frightened residents of Seaford Tuesday, but no damage resulted. The ground quivered, buildings trembled and windows shook as though they would fall out. Earth tremors were also felt by some people here on Tuesday, it is said. Several shocks were reported in several part of New England on the same day.

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Anonymous said...

If you go to Charleston you can still see the rods they put though the earthquake damaged buildings. The put decorative ends on them.