Friday, September 23, 2011

After 41 Years - "All My Children" Ends Today..........

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- While the online version of All My Children remains in question, the online presence of the show's fans is a certainty.

After 41 years on ABC, the decision was made by network executives to cancel the popular soap opera because of a decline in projected ratings and the popularity of other genres of daytime television. Going in its place? An hour long talk show dedicated to all things food-related: The Chew.

The Chew will feature well known foodies:
• Mario Batali from Iron Chef
• Michael Symon from Iron Chef
• Carla Hall from Top Chef
• Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear
and will introduce Daphne Oz, the 25-year-old daughter of Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Following the announcement of the cancellation back in April, fans of the show made their displeasure known across the internet, accusing executives of being greedy and alienating millions of faithful viewers. Some even organized and called for a boycott of the network which led to one household name doing just that. Vacuum maker Hoover pulled all of its advertising from ABC. Turns out the marketing executive who made that decision has a mother and wife who are both big fans of the show.

But is it the end for the people of Pine Valley? The possibility of a new version of the show has many fans waiting to hear if they will be able to get their soap opera fix online. Prospect Park, the production company behind Royal Pains on the USA network and Wilfred on FX, has acquired the license for AMC and is attempting to launch a web version next January. The new series is expected to pick up where the TV version left off. How many returning cast members will be there to do so remains to be seen.

So far, only two cast members have signed on to appear online next year. Due to contract and pay disputes, Emmy award winning star Susan Lucci has not signed on as of yet but her coworkers Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) have.

How upset are the fans? Very. Imagine that you have watched a show for so long, you don't remember ever not watching it. You know the characters and their back stories like you know your own family. We asked our viewers what they thought on our Facebook page.

"I'm so upset," commented Tricia "I already cried twice this week watching it, and I'm sure I will cry Thursday and Friday as well."

Andrea had personal ties to the show. "Hate it! Started watching AMC when I was 2 with my mom & grandmother. Can't believe ABC is doing this. Nobody wants another ridiculous cooking show."

In regards to the cooking show, Tricia pointed out, "I wish Disney would pull their heads out their butts and realize that stay at home moms and wives don't want to watch cooking shows, it only makes them remember they have to do it later."

One Life to Live was also canceled. Its last show airs next January leaving General Hospital as the only daytime soap on ABC.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the programming changes, you can contact ABC directly either online or by calling the ABC Audience Information phone line at 818-460-7477


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