Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Events Just Can't Be Stopped Because Of Rain

The Great Pocomoke Fair Committee sure did a have a huge problem on their hands Saturday.  Two events had been scheduled to take place at the fairgrounds - both annual events, that had been  scheduled to take place all in one day at a GREAT admission price- The ATV Jamboree and The Demolition Derby.

IT RAINED! And it rained all day.

Now, if you know anything about any kind of racing you KNOW these two types  of racing don't mind mud and neither do the drivers.  It was a day these riders and drivers had planned for.......... 

According to a statement on their facebook page: "We had two choices: go with an abbreviated show in the rain or disappoint all of those who had called to see if the show was still on. We chose the abbreviated."

I didn't get there on Saturday even though I was all geared up to attend.  I was looking forward to getting lots of photos but
The Pocomoke Fair committee should have some photos soon.  If so I will try to post them.

But I did find this one photo and posting it is a MUST! 

Pocomoke City has so many wonderful people living in it and  there are so many wonderful organizations.  But this is by far the greatest !

Patricia Hidenbrand Photo

Pocomoke City is the ONLY town I have ever watched nonprofessional  racing and witnessed  the fire department standing by.  I think that says alot for those training these guys and gals of today.... Also says alot about their dedication to people.

And don't think for a second that nothing can happen while on can.  I've seen it happen.

To find more upcoming events for The Great Pocomoke Fair go to:  

Plans for the next ATV Jamboree and Demolition Derby should be posted soon. Let's see how many POCOMOKE cars we can get in the derby!! 

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