Friday, May 25, 2012

Statement From Pocomoke City Officials

Pocomoke City Officials Clarify Proposed Ordinance on Open Porch Furniture

Some of you may have heard that WBOC is reporting that Pocomoke City officials are considering an ordinance that would prohibit certain indoor furnishings from being placed on open porches.  While that statement is accurate, the remainder of their reporting has been very misleading. 

Mayor Bruce Morrison has asked WBOC to issue a clarification via all media outlets where the misinformation has been shared.  This misinformation includes videos taken of certain furnishings in Pocomoke that would not even be considered under the potential ordinance.

First, the ordinance is only being considered.  Second, the ordinance would NOT prohibit what is commonly known as "patio furniture" or outdoor furniture, such as wicker, plastic, wood, or aluminum items.  Rather, certain types of upholstered interior furniture that can be combustible and pose a safety hazard would be prohibited.  The City of Salisbury adopted a similar ordinance in 1999.

A draft of the proposed ordinance has not been completed by the City’s attorney yet, but one may be considered at by the Mayor and City Council in the next few weeks.

There are many other positive and exciting changes occurring in Pocomoke and it is a shame that this misleading report is detracting from the positive.  We are hopeful that WBOC will issue proper clarifications to this story so that Pocomoke City residents will not be unduly concerned about the proposed aesthetic and safety measure. 


Anonymous said...

More regulations...

Anonymous said...

I saw where WBOC was originally reporting on their Facebook that it was patio furniture! I knew that was incorrect because I saw on here days ago that it was furniture meant for interiors used or left outdoors.
I think if someone wants to set up an additional "living room" on their porch or in the yard then they should move out to the country where there is less of chance of infesting the other apartments or the neighbors house and yard with the mice that this attracts. Plus with all the hoopla about mold, children could sit or play on this upholstered furniture which you know it's got to be a mold incubator.

Anonymous said...

Looks like DelMarVa's news leader is too big and important to admit when they have made a mistake and print or air a proper retraction.

The original story should be completely retracted and a corrected story published. They could have saved themselves much embarrassment with a simple telephone call to city hall in order to check their facts. Apparently that simple step is no longer a part of journalistic integrity.
Come on WBOC, do the right thing, retract and rewrite the story so that it at least has some semblance of truth to it.
DelMarVa's News Leader, yeah right, more like DelMarVa's News Joke!

jmmb said...

I agree Anon 9:42.
The reporter stated that the City of Pocomoke is considering an ordinance on patio furniture....

Item 12 on the Pocomoke City Council Meeting Agenda states:
"City Manager to discuss proposed regulation of interior furnishings left on open porches, balconies or other exposed areas"

Her key words: patio furniture! It is in my opinion that's what started the avalanche of comments on facebook and concern from the citizens of Pocomoke.

Unfortunately readers will pay attention to the negative and not venture to see what is being discussed at their local council meetings so they can discuss the issue where it matters most!

Anonymous said...

WBOC should retract the story or at the very least move the city's comment in response to the top. As it stands you have to read like 85 comments to see the city's and by then you are so confused you don't know what's going on.
What totally blows my mind is the reporter's complete lack of doing the legwork to put out something that is factual and accurate.