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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pocomoke City Mayor and Council Meeting

7:30 p.m., Monday, August 6, 2012
City Hall

  1. Call to Order, Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

2.  Review and approval of minutes from meeting of July 2, 2012

3.  Review and approval of bills to be paid.

4.  Tim Richo and Adrian Smith to request use of vacant City property for football training activities.

5.  Authorize Mayor to sign Emergency Res. No. 465 authorizing submission of 2012 Community Legacy Grant application.

6.  Authorize submission of a Community Parks and Playground application for golf course improvements to D.N.R.

7.  Review letters of recommendations from Planning and Zoning Commission:
  1. Wayne Lambertson Subdivision
  2. Buchanan Subaru site plan
  3. Boundary realignment plat for D.C.M. Leasing, LLC

8.  Discuss letter from property owners Mike Dunn and Gene Dunn regarding recent inspection at 124 Willow Street. (former Lawsons Bar)

9.  Authorize purchases of new equipment:
  1. New garbage truck
  2. Used Tee Mower
  3. Ambulance

10.  Review preliminary inspection report from Hamblin for Armory building at 300 Second Street.

11.  Discuss status of proposed lease and conditions with Save the Youth of Armory gym.

12.  First Reading of Ord. No. 410 regarding Ethics.

13.  Discuss 2012-13 Community Greening Program Grant. 

Comments from the Audience.

Mayor and Council Items.



Friday, May 25, 2012

Statement From Pocomoke City Officials

Pocomoke City Officials Clarify Proposed Ordinance on Open Porch Furniture

Some of you may have heard that WBOC is reporting that Pocomoke City officials are considering an ordinance that would prohibit certain indoor furnishings from being placed on open porches.  While that statement is accurate, the remainder of their reporting has been very misleading. 

Mayor Bruce Morrison has asked WBOC to issue a clarification via all media outlets where the misinformation has been shared.  This misinformation includes videos taken of certain furnishings in Pocomoke that would not even be considered under the potential ordinance.

First, the ordinance is only being considered.  Second, the ordinance would NOT prohibit what is commonly known as "patio furniture" or outdoor furniture, such as wicker, plastic, wood, or aluminum items.  Rather, certain types of upholstered interior furniture that can be combustible and pose a safety hazard would be prohibited.  The City of Salisbury adopted a similar ordinance in 1999.

A draft of the proposed ordinance has not been completed by the City’s attorney yet, but one may be considered at by the Mayor and City Council in the next few weeks.

There are many other positive and exciting changes occurring in Pocomoke and it is a shame that this misleading report is detracting from the positive.  We are hopeful that WBOC will issue proper clarifications to this story so that Pocomoke City residents will not be unduly concerned about the proposed aesthetic and safety measure. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Restaurant Progress-- Moving Right Along....

The photos I posted the last time showed the restaurant in downtown Pocomoke City all wrapped in Tyvek and just sitting there beside the Pocomoke River in the  cold winter weather in Pocomoke City.
But the action now is on the inside!!!

I had imagined that at some point in time my bi-weekly trips to the growing restaurant would end  but they didn't!  Councilman Malloy made it possible for me to venture in to take photos.....after all he recognizes that this is my project, it means alot to me and after all...... it's his district!

We went in through the back of the restaurant oesn't look like much has been done (to me).  'm sure there has...Wiring is being run, kitchen seems to be making progress....
And there are windows, windows, windows!!!  I like the thought of looking out towards the river from inside.

The restaurant has been designed so that there are decks at both ends.

When completed this restaurant will be an asset to downtown Pocomoke City.  From what I am hearing contruction is ahead of schedule.  The city is still accepting proposals from interested and qualified restaurateurs and will be until January 31, 2012.  So if you are interested you don't have much time.

When completed the restaurant will seat at least 140 guests with the decks to hold an additional 40.  The city plans to have the restaurant in operaton by June 2012.   Information on the qualifications for being the restaurant operation go HERE  or

Hmmm.... I wonder how they will select a name for it.

I'd like to thank the two gentlemen working inside the restaurant, for allowing me to take pictures.  Sorry I didn't get back to help sweep up.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pocomoke Mayor and Council Meeting

Written by
Bill Kerbin
POCOMOKE CITY -- After a policy change, any group that rents or uses a city facility and does not already have liability insurance coverage will be required to provide the coverage under a new program.

The city's new Tenant User Liability Insurance Program is sponsored by the Local Government Insurance Trust and the National League of Cities.

According to City Manager Russell W. Blake, this will protect the city from any problems that arise during the time of use. He added that the insurance can be purchased online at

Timothy S. Ailsworth, executive director of the insurance trust, estimated that the cost of the insurance would be $75 to $150 depending on the event. It could be paid by credit card over the computer.

Ailsworth was at a municipal meeting to present a $3,000 check to the town to help finance the Pocomoke Police Department's extended high-speed pursuit training. In his letter, he said that this grant was "an example of how LGIT and local governments can work together to address risk management concerns."

The council voted to sign two agreements with Becker Morgan Group for architectural work on city projects. One was to pay the company $24,000 for services during the construction phase of the new restaurant between the Discovery Center and the Pocomoke River. Gillis Gilkerson was awarded the bid for construction of the new building.

The other agreement was for design services in the remodeling of the former automotive body shop on Market Street as the new police station. The agreement calls for the town to pay the architects 7 percent of the total construction costs, or the lowest bona fide bid. The estimated cost of the remodeling is about $100,000.

In other business, the council approved the purchase of four rounds of golf to help the Col. Richardson High School golf tournament; was introduced to the town's newest police officer, David Mason; and discussed possible appointments to the city boards and commissions.

Councilman Robert Hawkins reported that a total of 680,477 tons of material was shipped on the Pocomoke River during the past year. Also, the U.S. Coast Guard spent $200,000 replacing markers in the area.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mayor McDermott To Be Sworn Into House of Delegates On Jan. 12

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. - The town of Pocomoke will soon be losing its mayor, but not just yet.

Mayor Mike McDermott will be sworn into the House of Delegates for District 38-B on Jan. 12.

City officials say McDermott will remain mayor until then. At that point, Robert Hawkins, the First Vice-President of the City Council, will take on mayoral responsibilities, but not the official title. Hawkins will continue to serve as a councilman.

A new mayor will be elected in the city's scheduled elections in April of 2011.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mike McDermott Could Resign As Mayor of Pocomoke City

SNOW HILL -- In the wake of Nov. 2 elections, Mike McDermott is wearing three hats: working as a sheriff's deputy, serving as mayor of Pocomoke City and most likely being a delegate-elect to the Maryland General Assembly.

That's two hats too many to do a good job as delegate, McDermott said in an interview. He said he'll resign as Pocomoke mayor in a matter of weeks, and will retire from law enforcement later in 2011.

"I'll resign from being mayor as soon as I take office," says McDermott. "The vice president of the council will continue to run the meetings until the next city election, which is the second week in February."

Bob Hawkins, who represents District 1 on the Pocomoke council, is the current vice president.

If nothing nudges him from his current place in the race to represent District 38B along with longtime delegate Norman Conway, he'll be sworn in as a member of the General Assembly on Jan. 12, when the legislature convenes. Another candidate, Marty Pusey, would have to gain 1,468 or more votes compared to McDermott in a final count of remaining absentee and provisional votes to overtake him, and that appears unlikely to happen given the amount of ballots left to count. The last ballots mailed from overseas are set to be counted by Nov. 22.

McDermott doesn't have the option of being Pocomoke's mayor and representing it in the legislature as well. Since the position of mayor is elected and paid, McDermott cannot hold it while holding another elected, paid office in Maryland, says Raquel Guillory, public information officer for the state Attorney General's Office.

As for his duties as deputy in the Sheriff's Office, McDermott said he expects to continue being in charge of the Criminal Investigative Division through next year. He will take saved-up vacation time during the 90-day legislative session before retiring from the department.

"I knew I couldn't hold office and [be mayor]," McDermott said. "I ran knowing I would step down if elected, but my retirement decision wasn't relative to the election."

McDermott said he wanted to make sure he would be able to devote his time and energy to being a state delegate.

"Although the session is only 90 days, it's a year-round responsibility," said McDermott. "I wouldn't have wanted to take that on without having the time to do it."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Former Pocomoke City Councilman Has Died

POCOMOKE CITY, Md.- Honiss Cane, who served on the Pocomoke City Council for decades, died Tuesday. He was 78.

Cane was first elected to the council in 1986 and served in that capacity until he decided not to run in April's muncipal elections for health reasons. Cane, who was a pioneer for civil rights on Delmarva, had the distinction as the first-ever black member of the Pocomoke City Council.

Cane was also a student union administrator at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore for more 32 years.

The Pocomoke City Chamber of Commerce says a viewing will be held Friday, May 7 from 6-8 p.m. at Shiloh United Methodist Church on 2655 Ocean Highway (Route 113) in Pocomoke City. A funeral service is scheduled for Saturday, May 8, at 11 a.m. at the Ella Fitzgerald Auditorium at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne.