Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Legislative Updates By Delegate Mike McDermott

Press Release
February 12, 2013
  • ‘The Intersection of US 113 and MD 12
  •  Will Finally Receive a Traffic Signal’
    (Annapolis) -- “The Maryland Department of Transportation has finally recognized the dire need for a traffic signal at the US 113 MD 12 intersection.  Snow Hill residents and travelers can now rest assure that their travels through that area will be much safer.

    Delegate McDermott received a letter today from the Maryland Department of Transportation stating its plans of installing a traffic signal at the intersection of Us 113 and MD 12  by mid-summer.  
    This letter was in response to Delegate McDermott’s letter urging the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Transportation to take action to remedy the large amount of car accidents occurring at the intersection.

    As Delegate McDermott explained in his letter, “For countless years, the citizens of Worcester County and the travelers passing through our area have dealt with the treacherous two lane sections of US Rt. 113.  Perhaps the worst area of this terrible section of the highway is located at the intersection of Rt. 12 in Snow Hill.  The fatalities and serious injury accidents are astounding.”

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