Saturday, March 2, 2013

USNS Comfort Moves To Norfolk

USNS Comfort
WAVY/Larry Carney
NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - Hospital ship  USNS Comfort arrived to Naval Station Norfolk Friday morning.

USNS Comfort was docked in Baltimore and was moved to Norfolk in an effort to save money.

Photos: USNS Comfort arrives in Norfolk

The Navy says the move will save $1.7 million in its first year and $2.1 million every following year.

The move will give the USNS Comfort's 59 permanent military members better access to military facilities. A naval release states Norfolk will also provide "better use of the naval logistics hub and industrial base in Norfolk and a reduction in transit time to typical mission areas."

The number of service members assigned to the ship will increase when the USNS Comfort gets ready to do missions.

The ship provides acute medical and surgical care for forward deployed operational forces. In disaster relief and humanitarian efforts, the USNS Comfort also functions as a full-service hospital asset.


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