Wednesday, October 23, 2013

15-Acre Solar Power Farm For Pocomoke City

POCOMOKE CITY, Md.- The Pocomoke City mayor and council have approved a project that will harness the sun's energy for one of the largest solar power farms on the Lower Shore.

The 2.4 megawatt project will sit on 15 acres of the city's property near the Pocomoke Beltway and Dun Swamp Road, just down the street from Sharon Rantz's business office.

"I think that people are being ripped off with the amount of money we have to pay for services, such as electricity," said Rantz.

Her sister-in-law Carol Rantz, of Pocomoke City, felt the same way. 

"It seems that every year the prices go up for that [electricity]," said Rantz. 

The new solar farm will produce enough electricity to power close to 900 homes, according to city officials. 

"In this day and economy, we need to save every penny that we can," said Carol. "So I'm all for the new solar farm."

The city is expecting a savings of $50,000 each year, according to city manager Russell Blake.
"The mayor and council are excited to announce that we are going solar and using it for 85% of our city's electricity," said Blake.

Homeowners will also save, but not on their monthly utility bills.

It's not the residents of the city who will see a difference," said Blake. "Except for their tax bills possibly."


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Anonymous said...

If the residents don't see a difference then why are we the taxpayers paying for this solar powering???