Monday, October 21, 2013

A Letter From One Of Our Readers.... To A Thief....

 From one of our readers to the thief who had the desire to steal items that belonged to a 6 year old child from a vehicle.

To the worthless pile of protein who took it upon themselves to enter my Daughter's vehicle last night and remove my Granddaughter's Nintendo DS, assorted games as well as her change purse, I hope you are happy with the immense trauma you have caused this child.
   Tomorrow I will take her shopping and replace those items, The ones that meant the world to her, I suspect you may have gotten $40 for your troubles and I hope you feel good about yourself.
   She has not stopped crying since 7am when it was discovered, She is now afraid that more of her things might be taken, This bothers me deeply, Not the theft, But the heartbreak, trauma, and seeds of distrust you have caused her. I hope you feel good about that.
   At first I thought you may have been raised by a Brothel worker due to your lack of a moral compass but then I thought back to when I was stationed in Nevada and every one of those workers I met had standards and morals far above what you possess and then I realized that had you been raised by a "lowly Brother worker" you would not be slithering about in the night stealing as you do but would actually contribute to the community in which you live & breathe.
    At this point you have 2 choices, you can MAN UP and turn your self in or you can continue to be a COWARD hiding in the night until you are finally caught, When that time comes I will be there with her in court for all to see what you are, and to hear from her what you have caused.
   Remember, You reap what you sew.

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