Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pocomoke City Ducks Inn Robbed Tuesday Night

Ducks Inn was robbed in Pocomoke City by a suspect who entered the liquor store with a gun.

Lt.  Green from Pocomoke City  Police examined the footage from  the store video camera and identified a suspect. The suspect then returned to the scene and was detained by Pocomoke City Officers.

The Criminal Bureau of Investigation was contacted and the suspect and the suspect's vehicle was transported to the Pocomoke City Police Department.

After the interview by The Criminal  Bureau of Investigations,  the suspect was charged by Pocomoke City Police with armed Robbery and First Degree Assault.

During the robbery the suspect assaulted one of the workers in the store. A piece of a toy gun was recovered from inside the suspect's vehicle. CBI and Pocomoke City Police are attempting to serve a search warrant at the suspect's residence in Pocomoke City.

Over three thousand dollars was taken from the store in the robbery.

 The suspect is identified as Kevin Presco from Pocomoke City.

 Two victims who work at the store were  assaulted by the suspect during the robbery.

Pocomoke City Police Chief
Kelvin D. Sewell

Kevin Presco was charged with:  Robbery (2), Armed Robbery (2), Firearm Use/Fel-Viol Crime, Assault- First Degree (2), Assault Second Degree (2), Reckless Endangerment (2), Verbal Extortion (2), Handgun Use On Person, Theft- $1,000 to under $10,000. J

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Anonymous said...

Good job Pocomoke PD and Criminal Bureau of Investigations. Lets hope this Prescott criminal stay in jail for a long long time.