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TIME MACHINE ... 1977, 1944, 2001, 1897, 1873

March, 1977 (Time Machine archive)

An article published in the Salisbury Daily Times was headlined "Pocomoke City Points To 1976 As Best Productive Since 1878." City officials pointed to numerous accomplishments including improvements to 21 streets...a new paved roadway into Cypress Park...hard surfacing a bicycle path and two parking playground equipment at Cypress architectural study for improvements to the downtown business of a new dock and boat ramp at Laurel Street and at Winter Quarters Drive...establishment of an Industrial Development Committee...installation of new filters at the two water pumping plants...a major reconstruction program at Winter Quarters Golf Club...approval of new mercury vapor street lights and traffic control housing code standards...outside painting improvements at City Hall...formation of a Medical Advisory Committee to seek improvements in health care facilities...and the First Annual Pocomoke City Cypress Festival. 
June, 1944
(Salisbury Times)


Price Increase Recommended By Panel

Pocomoke City, June 1- Some 3,200 residents of Pocomoke City were without milk delivery service today as two dairies, seeking a price increase from the O.P.A. , suspended deliveries.

John M. Stevens of the Stevens Dairy, said about 50 or 60 customers appeared at his plant this morning where milk will be sold at retail. Some women brought their small children and babies with them.

Stevens said his route affected about 600 purchasers. A second dairy, that of C.J. Ardis, just outside Pocomoke City, also halted deliveries. The dairymen are seeking a price of 15 1/2 (15 and a half) cents against the present price of 14 cents per quart.

Stevens' deliveries in nearby Virginia communities, where he gets 17 cents per quart under O.P.A. regulations, continued.

Stevens said the price panel of the local ration board answered a demand from the Mayor and Council and Pocomoke Lions Club last night, with a recommendation that the price be raised by a cent and a half.

With all retail milk stopped, settlement of a price dispute apparently rested with Stabilization Director Fred M. Vinson in Washington.

July, 2001

The price of gas was in the news and because the cost was more than $1.60 a gallon in the counties near Washington, Maryland's average gas price was higher than the national average. However, the Eastern Shore along with some of the other western shore counties were reporting prices averaging at or below $1.45 a gallon. The national average of $1.43 a gallon was down from $1.63 a gallon the previous month.  

April, 1897
(Peninsula Enterprise- Accomac Court House) 

To Confederate Veterans of the Peninsula

The Charles S. Winder Camp of Confederate Veterans, having been duly organized in Easton, Maryland, it is earnestly requested that all of the old soldiers who wore the gray send at once their names and addresses to Adjutant Owen Norris, Easton, Talbot county, Md.
The fee of membership and annual dues are but nominal, within the limit of all, and all ex-Confederates on the Peninsula sending 20 cents to the Adjutant will be enrolled as members of the Charles S. Winder Camp.

In each case the rank and command must be given. 

July, , 1873

The Hagerstown (Md.) Herald And Torch Light reported that a group of prominent Marylanders visited the Synepuxent Beach near Berlin with the view of locating there "a fine large summer hotel, which will cost about $25,000." During the decade the area would come to life as Ocean City. 

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I remember (because I'm really old) the first Cypress Festival. It was held in Cypress Park, but everything was inside the fence of the tennis courts so they could collect admission fees. Nice idea, but it was hotter than heck that weekend and the blacktop on the courts just added to the heat and misery. Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed and the Festival morphed into a successful event in later years.

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