Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pictures from the Pocomoke Boat Docking yesterday

Amazing day on the Pocomoke River! Thank you to all of the captains, sponsors, committee and all of the supporters!!
- 1st place Small Boat Shootout winner Jamie Marshall
- 1st place Large Boat Shootout winner Steve Barnes

 Boat captains socialize after the Boat Docking Competition, but this was the end of a long exciting day.   I arrived just after sunrise to catch the early morning calm on the narrow but deep, Pocomoke River.  The competition was new to the town of Pocomoke  City last year, but already has made an impact.   Judging by the number of cars, trucks and motorcycles, the out of state license plates, this was a popular tourist opportunity.

 The crowd was large and enthusiastic!  In spite of an early drizzle in the sky, spectators came and spent a long afternoon.

 The large crowd came from all over the area, cheering on the boats and captains.

                                       Waiting in the middle of the river for a turn at docking.

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