Monday, September 15, 2014

Take a Walk on the Pocomoke Nature Trail

September is here!   The sky is a bit clearer than the summer months.  We're having very pleasant temperatures.  Take a walk on the nature trail and see what late season blooms are out there!  Go outdoors and play, Pocomoke!

The Pocomoke community is so lucky to have a trail to walk on, to study wildlife, catch a fish or just find peaceful respite from a crazy busy day.    At this time, the access from Cypress Park is through a narrow walkway marked by orange webbing.  It is easy also to park at the end of Greenway Dr and walk from there.   Did you know you can walk all the way around Stevenson's Pond?    Find your inner peace on the nature trail!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Very nice.

Thanks for bringing these lovely scenes to us.