Monday, September 15, 2014

Snow Hill Man Sentenced Following Conviction of Assaulting Officer

SNOW HILL, Md. – After deliberating for just six minutes, a jury found a Snow Hill man guilty of second-degree assault on a correctional employee following an incident last May, according to the Worcester County State's Attorney's Office.

Kenneth Foreman, 25, of Snow Hill, was charged on May 30 after correctional officers said he attacked one of them at the Worcester County Jail on May 16. The officer suffered injuries to his face and head and fractured a hand in the assault, prosecutors said.

According to law enforcement, Foreman's criminal history includes charges of a previous assault of a law enforcement officer, possession of crack cocaine, resisting arrest and attempted second-degree arson. This latest case was tried in Worcester County Circuit Court.

The judge recommended a sentence of three to 18 months, but the state's attorney's office said it asked for a sentence above those guidelines, leading to a 30-month sentence.

“This type of stiff sentence above the guidelines sends the absolutely appropriate message to the inmates at the Worcester County Jail – which is, if you assault a correctional officer you better have your bags packed for the Department of Corrections,” Oglesby said.

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