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Friday, June 8, 2012

Blaine Hitchens Takes A Tumble With "Rare Species"


Sunday MAY 27, 2012

It always seems to happen at least a couple time during the mud bog season when the joy of a fast fun turn into a nightmare for everyone - especially for the drive.

Blaine Hitchens driving his truck "Rare Species" Blaine had just completed a 3.0 run through the mud when he excelerated causing his truck to swerve the hit the trees, wiped out the new digital timing board, turned over and finally came to a rest on its top.

In his introduction it was stated that the engine alone in this truck cost to the tune of at least $70,000.....maybe more. - That's not counting the body work.

Thankfully Blaine had no injuries- except pride and we all know how easily that gets damaged for some of these drivers. Goes with the sport.

Watch what happens when the truck finally comes to a stop. Be sure to play close attention to the first to arrive to Blaine's aid...... (no matter who the racer is he just arrives before anyone else)

(Thank you, Patrick)

And thank you to the Lower Shore Ambulance
(one of the nicest things about mud bogging in Crisfield)

Mud Bog Races will return to Crisfield in July for a night race.
That should be lots of fun - never been tried before.......don't miss it.