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Monday, May 10, 2010

Large Fire Saturday Near Hallwood, Virginia

Fire departments were called once again this afternoon to this location due to a rekindle.
At 5:09 PM on Saturday afternoon, a woods fire was reported on Neal Parker Road just south of Bayside Market. The fire burned several acres of property on Neal Parker Road, which is Route 316 between Hallwood and Saxis Road. The piece of land which was damaged in the fire was a wooded area which had just recently been cut, according to Station 6 Chief Jody Bagwell.

Several stations responded or helped with standby vehicles to assist in the fire. The stations included Saxis, Bloxom, New Church, Parksley, Tasley and Greenbackville. Pocomoke was called for a standby engine and brought a standby tanker. Chincoteague also brought a standby vehicle. Units from the Virginia Department of Forestry were also on the scene. According to Bagwell, the stretch of Neal Parker Road between Hallwood and Saxis road was temporarily closed due to the enormity of the fire. The scene was cleared Saturday evening at 10:10 PM. Several recalls were made on Sunday because of the fire reigniting in certain areas. Roughly 10 acres of land were burned in the blaze. Bagwell said the cause of the fire has not been determined, but foul play is suspected by investigators.
A forest fire warning was in effect throughout the weekend on the Eastern Shore due to the low humidity and the high winds. All citizens were advised to properly discard all smoking materials and items to avoid brush and timber fires. Lack of rain has caused the fire danger to be extreme and caution should continue. Showers and thunderstorms expected during the middle of the week should help reliveve some of the dry conditions.

Pictured: Pictures of the blaze on Neal Parker Road Saturday. Photos courtesy of Bloxom Fire Chief Jody Bagwell

Monday, February 8, 2010

Va. State Agencies Work Together

The Commonwealth continues around the clock response to the recent severe winter weather. The storm dropped up to 30 inches of snow more in some places to parts of northern and western Virginia, and citizens face snow-packed, icy roads and very low temperatures for the next few days. Power companies are reporting nearly 108,000 power outages. Approximately 210 people including several pets have sought shelter in about 20 locations around the state.

"Response efforts continue day and night," said Michael Cline, state coordinator for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. "We have been working closely with local governments to assess their needs and get them the staff, equipment and supplies that they need."

VDEM is processing requests from local governments and matching them with appropriate agencies for response. Local governments have asked for large vehicles and humvees so that local rescue and law enforcement personnel can transport emergency patients to hospitals; snow plows to help keep major highways and staging areas clear; and help in removing downed trees that are blocking roads and preventing snow removal and restoration of power lines.

Additional resources are being dispatched to Northern Virginia. More National Guard soldiers are being sent to the area, along with nearly 40 more heavy trucks and other vehicles to assist in snow removal.

Here are a few examples of state agencies working with local governments:

The Virginia Department of Forestry is using chain saws to help the Virginia Department of Transportation with tree removal in Bedford, Fluvanna, Pittsylvania and Shenandoah counties. A VDOF bulldozer also is being used in Bedford County.

The Virginia Department of Social Services is operating a free hotline for people seeking winter weather resources. Citizens can dial 2-1-1 for the locations of open shelters. Operators handled more than 200 calls from midnight Friday-midnight Saturday.

The Virginia National Guard has:
assisted emergency medical services and law enforcement personnel in Greene, Madison, Orange and Albemarle counties with rescuing stranded motorists and transporting families without power to shelters
transported medical crews to patients in Scottsville
assisted in recovering a fire engine stuck in ice in Fluvanna County
assisted Virginia State Police and Augusta County law enforcement in responding to rescue calls involving cars and tractor trailers along Interstate 81 near Staunton
transported health care professionals to medical facilities in Waynesboro

The Virginia Department of Health has posted important cold weather safety information on line at Citizens should guard against health risks brought on by low temperatures, which include overexertion during shoveling snow, hypothermia and frostbite.

The Virginia State Police have investigated more than 1,700 traffic crashes and responded to another 1,700 calls for disabled and stuck vehicles. As drivers ventured out today, VSP responded to more traffic incidents.

The Virginia Department of Transportation is working 24/7 to plow snow from state-maintained roads and in some cases truck it away.

While conditions are improving on interstates and primary roads, motorists are urged to avoid unnecessary travel. Driving is hazardous in many areas, and dropping temperatures this evening will lead to icy conditions.

VDOT employees and contractors are being re-deployed from other parts of the state to Northern Virginia to assist in snow removal.
Residents should be patient while waiting for secondary roads and subdivision streets to be cleared. The record amount of accumulation and the weight of the snow present major challenges in moving it.

Before traveling, call 511 or visit to get up to date road condition information.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things That Just Don't Seem To Be Fair With Snow

Winter snow storms are not always fun.........or fair........... no matter where you live!
This family is lucky (I hope) that this tree did not fall onto their home. Just one of the bad things about living in the country (or anywhere I guess) with trees all around.

And sometimes it's difficult being a pet goose in the country and being lost from home. We think this guy was taking a gentle swim in the ditch and suddenly realised that he had floated from his own yard. I hope he found his way home in all that blowing snow.

Just as bad as being without electric and not being able to "flush" is being a dog and not being able to "sniff" and find where you need to go. Thank goodness for the puppy the owner carried a shovel to dig the way.

And for many of you that can read this today (whether you like the post or not) thank your electric company! For alot of you this storm has been a nightmare.

Care to share your experiences? Leave a comment........

Hope you are warm and well fed. Please check on your neighbors and pets. Don't forget to feed the birds nice things.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Virginia Closures and Cancellations

Head Start Programs both counties closed today however, staff should report at 9:00 A.M.

Accomack County Public Schools Closed today

Holly Grove Christian School 2 hour delay

Central Baptist Academy 2 hour delay

Eastern Shore Community Board open and on-time today

Agape Christian Center closed today

Eastern Shore Area Agency On Aging Senior Centers (only) will be closed today

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Accomack County School News

Accomack County Schools have released the following statement in regards to schools tomorrow:

Because of the uncertainty of the weather tonight and the current condition of the back roads and town streets a decision regrding whether the Accomack County Schools will open tomorrow or remain closed will not be made until approximately 6:30 AM tomorrow morning.

(Better start working on that homework!)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Accomack County -- Virginia

People, believe me when I tell you that the roads aren't safe for driving. Please use some sense and stay home or wherever you are. These photos were taken a few hours ago when driving was horrible enough and by now conditions have gotten much worse.

Besides, most stores down here have CLOSED! Please stay home where you are safe. Don't risk it just because you think you need to go to the store! And maybe if each one of us stays home those that are working may be able to get home sooner

White out conditions!!!! Eight inches or more of snow where I am. The winds have picked up and the snow is drifting badly.

The temperature in 19 degrees! Please stay home. Stay warm. Stay alive.
It's not worth going out onto the roads.