Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things That Just Don't Seem To Be Fair With Snow

Winter snow storms are not always fun.........or fair........... no matter where you live!
This family is lucky (I hope) that this tree did not fall onto their home. Just one of the bad things about living in the country (or anywhere I guess) with trees all around.

And sometimes it's difficult being a pet goose in the country and being lost from home. We think this guy was taking a gentle swim in the ditch and suddenly realised that he had floated from his own yard. I hope he found his way home in all that blowing snow.

Just as bad as being without electric and not being able to "flush" is being a dog and not being able to "sniff" and find where you need to go. Thank goodness for the puppy the owner carried a shovel to dig the way.

And for many of you that can read this today (whether you like the post or not) thank your electric company! For alot of you this storm has been a nightmare.

Care to share your experiences? Leave a comment........

Hope you are warm and well fed. Please check on your neighbors and pets. Don't forget to feed the birds nice things.

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