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Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Drums On The Pocomoke" ~ May 18th and 19th

20th Annual "Drums on the Pocomoke"
  Pocomoke Cypress Park
Pocomoke City, Maryland

 Saturday, May 18

Sunday, May 19, 2013
The park opens to the public at 10:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm each day with the
 Grand Entry at noon.
More information to be posted soon!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Pocomoke Area Chamber of Commerce is considering holding a plastic boat regatta made of homemade crafts.

This event would be held during the Pocomoke Cypress Festival 2013 (June 12-15).  The Pocomoke Area Chamber of Commerce is trying to determine if there would be enough interested in participating.

 Would your company, civic organization, or group of friends be interesting in entering a craft to race on the Pocomoke River?

 If you may be interested in entering a team click here.   This is not an entry form, it is only to indicate your interest.
Photo BW
Cypress Park 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Praise In the Park"

It's wonderful to see that so many members and friends of the local churches chose the beautiful Cypress Park to gather and spend the evening together last Wednesday evening. 

An inspirational evening in Cypress Park.

"Praise In the Park"

"Praise In the Park" message was deliverd by Jamar Jackson from Mt. Zion UM Church

Sarah Butler from Bethany Church sang "God Bless America"

Rev. Jonathan Whitney
Mt. Zion UM Church Choir

Gwendolyn from St. John's  UM Church

St. Johns UM Church

St. Johns UM Church

St James UM Church
Liturgical Dance

Brittany Lewis from Salem UM Methodist Church
Four-Given from Salem  UM Church
Salem UM Church Choir

Thanks Christy for sending the photos!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Night Out In Pocomoke City 2012

Pocomoke City's NATIONAL NIGHT OUT  2012
Hosted by the Pocomoke City Police Department

The kids loved this!  But then kids have the energy.  The older I become the more amazed I am with the things children can and will do.  Note:  to enter this house of a thousand bounces you have to crawl through a small door, or so it seemed.  Once inside you just bounce up and down, fall down, get up,  fall down again and continue that same routine for what seemed to me forever.  The amazing part, to me,  is when you have completed all the bouncing you crawl out the small door, get to your feet and continue onto something else.  Amazing!

Pocomoke City Manager Russ Blake and wife Lynn with Councilwoman Tracey Cottman
Officer Perkins with one of the city crew workers, I believe.

Mike Dean with Lt. Green and some other Pocomoke City Police Officers
Mayor Bruce Morrison with Councilwoman Diane Downing and Councilwoman Tracey Cottman
In this photo:  Rhonda Sewell, wife of Pocomoke City Police Chief, Councilwoman Downing, Mayor Morrison, Laura Morrison and Councilwoman Cottman.

Pictured with PCPD Chief Kelvin Sewell
What an honor it was to have Sen. Jim Mathias (left to right), MD State Police Commander of the Berlin Barracks- Lt. Earl Starner and Worcester County State's Attorney Beau Oglesby  attending the National Night Out in Pocomoke.

Also attending: Investigator for the Wor. Co. State's Attorney  Office- Rick Taylor and Special Investigator fof the Wor. Co. State's Attorney Office. 

Officer Perkins with Mike Dean
PFC 1st Class Ralph Corbin with Lt. Earl Starner and Tfc. Orndorff
from the MD. State Police Barracks in Berlin.  He is also a K-9 Handler.

These 3 were having a great time but didn't stick around longe enough to give me their names.

National Night Out events have proven to be effective all across America. 

Each National Night Out is an inexpensive and enjoyable  evening to promote neighborhood spirit and  police/community partnerships.  The outcome is to create a safer and more productive neighborhood, not just in one community but all across the nation.

Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin Sewell has certainly kept his word when he wrote in   his Mission Statement "to provide the highest quality of police service" and to "develop a partnership with the community". What he has done in just a few short months with his department and for the great town of Pocomoke City is outstanding.

Be sure to thank them.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pocomoke City "National Night Out" 2012

Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin Sewell and the Pocomoke City Police Department did an excellant job  in hosting the National Night Out in Pocomoke last night.  I'm sure lots of the planning was left up to Angel and some others and they did a marvelous job!  A big thank you to all of you from me.  Great job!!

Pocomoke City certainly has had lots of great things happening in the past few months.  Most of  accomplishments  had been on the drawing board for quite awhile.  New restaurants, ribbon cutting ceremonies, a block party, a new station for the Pocomoke City Police Department, a new Pocomoke City Police Chief....the list goes on.  However, as excited as we all are when these things come around there is always a part in some (including myself)  that think of those that have passed this lifetime and wish so much they were here to enjoy what would have made them so proud also. 

 Councilman Honis Cane, Mayor Curt Lippoldt and Councilman Bob Hawkins....  They would be excited.  Most of all they would be proud.

The late Councilman Bob Hawkins in a photograph with Retired Pocomoke City Police Chief J.D. Ervin.

Mayor Bruce Morrison with Pocomoke City Chief Kelvin Sewell
Thanks for everything Mr. Mayor and Chief!
Laura and Mayor Morrison
Chief Sewell and Laura.  By the way, that's my husband in the background.  Bless his heart.  I drug him right from work to Cypress Park.  I appreciate the fact that he understands how important it is for me to be in Pocomoke and how much I love these people.....(they let me take their pictures)  Besides, my husband keeps upgrading my cameras so it's partly "his fault".

The first person to greet me at the park yesterday evening was someone I have known forever and had not seen for many years.  That's Oscar Townsend on the left with Councilman Don Malloy, Chief Sewell, and Councilman Rob Clarke.
Most of us were thinking hot dogs for dinner but hamburgers and french fries were served.  These guys did some fast grilling and lots of it.  Thanks to all of you.  It was great!

OC 104 kept the music going....and going....

 Pocomoke Karate showed all of us what they could do.  The young people are amazing!  The discipline they have is just amazing...even for the tiny ones.

Not a very nice photo of the small dog.  He was standing in line and seemed to actually have a smile on his tiny face. 

I believe this is Pocomoke City Police Lt. Green speaking with a couple of gentlemen who stopped by for National Night Out.

There's more............