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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Racing Friday Night At Melson Mud in Parsonsburg, MD

Friday night was the 200ft. dirt drag and garden tractor pull. Participation was lacking just a little Friday evening so after the class competition someone decided to add a little excitement to the evening by mixing truck classes and have them run side by side.

The "blue chevy" runs pro-stock class competition.

"Freak Nasty" and "Swamp Rat" are in modified competition.

Let's not forget the lawn tractor event. Most of those racers had done that type of racing many times before and you could tell they were heavy into the competition Friday night and I am amazed with what you can do with a grass cutter!

Here is a seven year old girl, with her father, getting her first taste at tractor pulling. I don't know if she was able to compete or not but she tried it over and over.

I guess she knows that anything boys can do girls can do better!

Part of her video........

Next racing events will be September 10th & 11th. Mark your calendars!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crisfield Mud Hop-- I'd Call It A HUGE Success

After weeks of waiting the Crisfield Elks Mud Hop finally became a reality on Sunday! Alot of credit has to be given to each spectator in attendance on that very, very hot day! Some had unbrella's, some erected those life saving canopy tents. But the bravest were those that sat on the bleachers and watched! What a great crowd!

By noon the area was packed with racers. Some drove campers, some drove semis to transport their racing vehicle. Others trailer towed their vehicle.

The 187 East Performance Racing Team were all there. Donald, the team mechanic, could be found almost anywhere throughout the day...... never in one spot for long.

During the intermission the young racers had their chance to compete.
No truck ever comes out of the pit looking like it did before it went in.
There were a few delays in the racing events during the day. During one race a truck ran completely over the hay bale taking the timing lights with it. That had to be restored before racing for be resumed and completed.

But nothing was quite like this wreck at the end of the day in the Unlimited Class. There were only two more vehicles to go after this one and the hot day would be behind us. The next thing everyone witnessed was this car rolling and rolling at a very fast pace towards the crowd. Luckily it stopped and I think every heart watching stopped too. Paramedics and Staff were there almost immediately and had the driver unlatched from cage and slowly the driver stood to his feet and gave the thumbs up! Whew!

Day done!

You know, this huge event just didn't happen over night. And an event of this magnitude took hours and hours of planning. It took dedicated people to work outside in the hot temperatures like Sunday. A HUGE thankyou to ALL of you that took part making this a sensational event. I honestly don't know how it could have been any better.