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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Tonka Toy" Meets The Mud Again In Crisfield

Crisfield Mud Bog
Nite Race
Saturday  July 21, 2012

With the special runs Saturday night and so much money to be won,  there's lots to talk about and plenty of photos and video to sort through.  Since so many were delighted to see "Tonka Toy" in the pits I decided this would be the first post.

Not many knew that this "legend" and  long time favorite mud truck "Tonka Toy" would make an appearance at the Crisfield Mud Bog on Saturday.
Throughout the day spectators viewed the monster. Many had never seen "Tonka Toy" before. So many had memories of racing days long ago.   But by the time "Tonka Toy" made it's appearance at the starting end of that 150 foot mudpit they all  knew who "Tonka Toy" was  and they were on their feet to cheer the driver along.

"Tonka Toy" debut in Crisfield with driver Sunshine Taylor

More to come.........

Friday, September 2, 2011

Come Enjoy The Fun! ~ Crisfield Mud Bog

Crisfield Elks
Admission $7 children 10 and under FREE
Registration 9:30 to 12:30

ALL proceeds will be donated to the 
 Crisfield Elks and Marion Fire Department

For more information go to
Events start 1:00

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Weather predicted for today:   Sunshine - Lower Humidity - Comfortable temperatures!
GREAT weather for spending the afternoon into the evening at MELSON POWER SHOW

Truck and Tractor Pulling
Lawn Mower Pulling

 200 Foot DIRT DRAG
Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the shade or take a seat at one of the picnic tables. Refreshments available for sale

Note to drivers:

Admission: $5.00 - Children under 11 years FREE!

9343 Guy Ward Road
Parsonsburg, Maryland


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"The Grey Ghost" Runs At Crisfield Mudhop

The banner across the windshield of "The Gray Ghost" reads 'drive it like u stole it' which is something that has always been told to the drivers of the Bowden Racing Team. 

 And that's what the drivers try to do every time they meet the muddy pit face to face.
However, it's important for everyone to understand that mud sometimes has a mind of it's own.

Lee Sturgis, behind the wheel of "The Grey Ghost" seemed to have no problem heeding  the  'drive it like u stole it' advice on Sunday, May 29, 2011 in Crisfield, Md.

Lee and "The Grey Ghost" ended with a great run! 

Unfortunately, there is no advice on a fast, easy way to remove the dried,  caked on mud that gets carried home.
"The Grey Ghost"
Owned and driven by
Lee and Lori Ann Sturgis


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday At The Crisfield Mud Hop

For the second year in a row the Eastern Shore Mud Racing  Association and the Crisfield Elks Lodge made the Crisfield Mud Hop happen!  Prior to last years mud hop it had been twenty years since the event had been in Crisfield.

There was plenty of food and during  and everyone agreed that the cool breeze this year was a welcomed improvement from the weather last year when humidity on that day was at a high level.  The disadvantage to the cool breeze was the drying of the track and a few  times racing was halted between classes to "make mud" and it did remedy the dusty problem for many spectators.

But spectators don't mind.  They just want want to see  racing.

As always it's wonderful to see families in attending. 

A resonable admission fee is one good reason and the fact that anyone can venture into the pits to get a closer look at the trucks.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Short and Sassy" Finishes In First Place

"Short and Sassy" finished in first place on Saturday April 30, 2011 on opening day of the Gumboro Mudbog.
This year the truck has a new 454 engine built by Roger Evans ("Odie's Garage") and fine tuned, I guess you could say, by Donald "Pencil Me In" Bowden. 

"Short and Sassy" won first place in the SMALL TIRE SUPER STOCK class with a 12.023.  Because of the conditions of the pits that's pretty good.

Due to camera difficulties I wasn't able to record the first and winning race but here is the video  of the second race.  Timing was unavailable.   

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gumboro MudBog

The mudbog scheduled for this Saturday, April 9th has been RESCHEDULED.

First races of the season have been rescheduled for SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 2011.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melson Power Show Coming Soon! ~Save The Date~

Final events of the season!!

Prizes will be awarded for the points winners of the days events.

This is sure to be a full day of fun for everyone!

My favorite for the Lawn Tractor Pulling? The young lady, #63! Yep! She isn't as nervous as she was at the beginning of the season and now has complete confidence in herself! She has NO FEAR!
I wish her the very best of luck and hope she will continue next year.

For more information on Melson's........

Go to OR

You can find them on Facebook listed under Melson's Tractor Pulling. Become a friend and keep up with what goes on. Browse the photos and watch videos.........even offer suggestions if you like.


For one last day of playing in the dirt!

Friday, October 22, 2010

'Bog Hog' Flips At Gumboro

The spectators always love to see Aaron Ellis and the 'Bog Hog'.

Big Tire Modified- Bog Hog time was 4.151 seconds

Last race day of 2010 -- 10.09.10

This roll over, once again, could have turned out to be something horrible.

The people that you see running to the truck after it came to a rest were in the pits. The jumped the chain fence to get to Aaron. It wasn't until AFTER three drivers from the pits had arrived on the scene that only ONE from the Gumboro crew came to his aid! Slowly, yes I mean slowly, they trickled in. What's the problem here? What in the heck were they waiting for?

Again, there was NO ambulance on the site. Suppose this driver had suffered a neck injury? How long would it take to get paramedics to the scene.......after all, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I am sure under those conditions it would have taken a while.

This is crucial. This is ridiculous! Will a horrible accident have to occur before those that own the Gumboro Mudbog get the complete picture?

Thank goodness the drivers are agile and quick thinking enough to get there! Boohoo on the comedy caper guys that go only as fast as the vehicles they ride in. Either put bigger motors in their carts or make their behinds run! Don't leave it to the drivers.........USE SOME RESPONSIBILITY!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Racing Results For Gumboro Mudbog ~October 9, 2010

Street Class

1st Tony Kossar Dirty MoneyII FULL 8.115 sec.
2nd Clifton Taylor Blue Chevy FULL 8.313 sec.
3rd Kameron Lohmeyer Blk 96 Chevy FULL 8.335 sec.
4th Chris Stubbs Dead Last FULL 8.889 sec.
5th Vanessa McMahon Gator FULL 9.194 sec.
6th Trev McClellan Blue Chevy FULL 12.932 sec.
7th Charles Betts Grey Bronco FULL 13.042 sec.
8th Micah Hanner Paw Paw’s Toy 147’ 7”

Prostock Class

1st Chriss Stubbs Dead Laast FULL 7.013 sec.
2nd Barry Wise Blue Chevy FULL 8.253 sec.
3rd Clifton Taylor Blue Chevy FULL 10.000 sec.
4th Patrick Long All Night Soldier FULL 10.351 sec.
5th Wayne Downes Mud Hog FULL 11.172 sec.
6th Vincent McMahon Gator FULL 11.432 sec.
7th Bruce Vogel Gold Rush FULL 14.265 sec.
8th Trev McClellan Blue Chevy FULL 15.021 sec.
9th Bruce Vogel No Shame FULL 15.070 sec.
10th Orville Wells Digger FULL 16.049 sec.
11th Daniel Harrison Friends-n-Low Places FULL 16.761 sec.
12th Tony Kosar Dirty Money II FULL 19.324 sec.
13th Thomas Jackson Modzilla FULL 26.945 sec.
14th Kyler LeCates Toyota FULL 27.479 sec.
15th Lori Ann Long Grey Ghost 155' 10"

Big-Tire Prostock Class

1st Kevin Lohmeyer Blk 69 Chevy FULL 7.041 sec.
2nd Tony Kosar Dirty Money II FULL 7.157 sec.
3rd David Blough Blk Chevy FULL 7.476 sec.
4th Patrick Long All Night Soldier FULL 7.585 sec.
5th Lee Sturgis Grey Ghost FULL 8.051 sec.
6th Jimmy Hall 99 Problems FULL 8.362 sec.
7th Charles Betts Grey Bronco FULL 9.359 sec
8th Daniel Harrison Friends-n-Low Places FULL 9.894 sec.
9th Kevin Hackett Black Primer FULL 10.781 sec.
10th Greg Hanner Paw Paw’s Toy FULL 12.116 sec.
11th Bruce Vogel Gold Rush 181’5”
12th Orville Wells Digger 148’6”
13th Vincent McMahon Blk Toyota 103’4”

Small-Tire Modified

1st Aaron Ellis Bog Hog FULL 4.221 sec.
2nd Charlie Price Midnight Express FULL 7.664 sec.
3rd Kelly Hubbard High Voltage FULL 7.989 sec.
4th Chuck West Freak Nasty 115’
5th Vincent McMahon Blk Toyota 38’

Big-Tire Modified

1st Kevin Cozart Blk/Green Flames FULL 4.091 sec.
2nd Aaron Ellis Bog Hog FULL 4.151 sec.
3rd Jared Collins Orange Crush FULL 4.833 sec.
4th Charlie Price Midnight Express FULL 4.857 sec.
5th Ken Daisey Ole Blue FULL 5.117 sec.
6th Kelly Hubbard High Voltage FULL 7.000 sec.


1st Wright Townsend Mud Dobber II FULL 3.609 sec.
2nd Johnny Edwards In The Mix FULL 4.311 sec.**
2nd Ken Daisey Ole Blue FULL 4.311 sec.**
3rd Rodd Owens Mud Mistress FULL 4.661 sec.
4th Jared Collins Orange Crush FULL 5.8000 sec.
5th Bart Parker Empty Pockets FULL 6.961 sec.
6th Kevin Cozart Blk/Green Flames 100’
7th Lee Sturgis Grey Ghost 62’
8th Barry Long Sod Buster 45’
9th Patrick Long All Night Soldier 43’
10th Bryan Watson Little Red Dakota 37’
---- Aaron Ellis Bog Hog ---- DNS


1st Wesley Ward Get-n-Busy FULL 3.210 sec.
2nd John King Pure Aggravation FULL 3.242 sec.
3rd Bob Bower Swamp Rat FULL 3.549 sec.
4th Wright Townsend Mud Dobber II FULL 3.674 sec.
5th Johnny Edwards In The Mix FULL 5.943 sec.
---- Ken Daisey Ole Blue ---- DNS
---- Barry Long Sod Buster ---- DNS
---- Aaron Ellis Bog Hog ---- DNS

X Class

1st Jessie Ellis Mudslinger FULL 19.676 sec.
2nd Kevin Lewis Heaven Bound 130’
3rd Jimmy Hall 99 Problems 65’
**Another post will be coming today concerning a decision made in the Mini-Open race**

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prostock Racing Results~ Gumboro Mudbog


Racing Results For Prostock Class Saturday October 9, 2010

1st Chriss Stubbs Dead Laast FULL 7.013 sec.
2nd Barry Wise(Short 'n' Sassy) Blue Chevy FULL 8.253 sec.

3rd Clifton Taylor Blue Chevy FULL 10.000 sec.
4th Patrick Long All Night Soldier FULL 10.351 sec.

5th Wayne Downes Mud Hog FULL 11.172 sec.
6th Vincent McMahon Gator FULL 11.432 sec.
7th Bruce Vogel Gold Rush FULL 14.265 sec.

8th Trev McClellan Blue Chevy FULL 15.021 sec.
9th Bruce Vogel No Shame FULL 15.070 sec.

10th Orville Wells Digger FULL 16.049 sec.

11th Daniel Harrison Friends-n-Low Places FULL 16.761 sec.
12th Tony Kosar Dirty Money II FULL 19.324 sec.
13th Thomas Jackson Modzilla FULL 26.945 sec.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Things A Camera Man Must Endure To Get A Story

During the driver's meeting at the Gumboro Mudbog on Saturday the drivers were all told to be sure to smile! HUH? Smile? Here's why, in case you did not know.

The gentleman walking around with the camera was Chuck Regner from WBOC TV. Chuck is working with Mike Parker on the serious 'Outdoors Delmarva'. The video he shot will be used in an upcoming episode which will air on WBOC sometime later this month or first of November.

I had pity on Chuck. No one thought to get him a cart to ride in and he walked all day long trying to get all the high points of the day. And believe me, on this particular Saturday, there was alot to see!

Later in the day he did manage to get a ride...........Through 200 feet of thick, gooey, stinky MUD in BIG RED!! Keep in mind that during the races on Saturday there was an overturn by the famous 'Bogg Hogg' and another mud truck that could not stop and ended in the field waaaayyyy down track. So you can't blame him if he was a little hesitant. Watch this video:

This ride should have taken him back to just about where he started. Here's what happened to Chuck..........and BIG RED!! Now even I know that with drive shaft problems you're not going to get anywhere.
That didn't seem to stop Chuck....................
He just got out of the truck, camera by his side, and took off walking.................
.....destination unknown. I never saw him after this photo. I do hope that he was able to keep his wits about him during his ride enough to video what it looks like going through the mud!

Mudbogging is not easy! Being a mudbogger cameraman can't be either.

Thanks Chuck for being there for the drivers and thanks for being a good sport. All of us look forward to seeing what you managed to video.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Next Events At Melson Power Show

Mark your calendars! All events in ONE day!! More information on events of the day coming soon...............

Monday, September 20, 2010

More From Gumboro ~ The Sod Buster

Each and every mudbog at Gumboro brings new trucks to area for the fun of racing through the 200 feet of mud. And each and every time the same trucks reappear with the hopes of keeping their points already acheived and gaining more plus getting their thrill for racing. It's also a time for joining friends made at races before and make new ones.

It should always be remembered that the trucks you see on mudbog day were put together with a great deal of expense and time and care. They all want to win.

Some will drive a great distance to Gumboro.....hours. For those of 187 East Peformance it is a 1 1/2 hour drive. Most of us stop for breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evenings before venturing home. It is not an expense free day.
Without these trucks and without these fearless drivers Gumboro would NOT be what it has become. Each and every truck that enters the pit has paid their fair share, just like everyone else, to participate. And it is always a sigh of relief for me knowing that we arrived safely and the rest of the 187 East Peformance would arrive shortly.

Saturday after the mishap of Orange Crush the spectators witnessed another hair raising moment with Sod Buster.

Flips and roll overs and fires may be excitement for the crowd but I can assure you that it most definitely is NOT for those in the pits! The family is there too....not to forget the extended family of the 187 East Performance.

This incident is unsettling with me. I did not like what I saw in the few seconds after this truck caught fire.

Here's the video followed by some photos.

The first one to arrive to the side of the truck was this driver's son! Within seconds other drivers had jumped the fence INCLUDING the driver's WIFE, daughter and daughter's boyfriend followed by my husband and even more.

Then appearing on the scene even seconds later was the staff arriving in their golf cart looking like the Keystone Kops! That's right. I said Keystone Kops! They do a remarkable job measuring distances driven by the trucks in the pit but when it comes to an emergency situation they stink!

Everyone was screaming to remove the driver. Others were screaming for fire extinquishers. They yelled and yelled while this driver's family and friends scrambled to unhook the extinguishers they had................The "staff" had come unprepared! No one on that cart had a fire extinguisher in hand!

And at the same time all of this was happening the daughter of the driver was running towards the pits screaming for a screw driver. I can't imagine that cart not even being equiped with a few tools..... common sense should tell them that a screwdriver and hammer could always come in handy.
And the other racers and racers families even helped clean up. All that was left to be done was to tow the Sod Buster. The driver was not hurt..........but as in any mishap HE COULD HAVE BEEN!

What is it going to take before an ambulance is present at these races? What's it going to take before fire extinguishers are placed ALONG THE FENCE NEAR THE PITS so your summer tanned pretty boys can fight a flame or a flicker in a truck if they know how to!?

Each and every driver is required to have an extinguisher on board his or her truck. THEY can't always get to it in an emergency situation and neither can the first person to the scene.

This isn't the first time this has occured. We witnessed a similar situation on August 28th.

These drivers spend alot money for and on Gumboro. Not because they have to........they want to. They love the sport. Each mudbog these men and women put on one heck of a show for the spectators in hopes that the crowd will spread the word and return the next time and time after that.

So, in appreciation for what these men and women do and for the revenue THEY bring to the Gumboro Mudbog organization don't they deserve to have that extra reassurance? Surely, by now they have made enough money for the Gumboro Mudbog to affored it.

They deserve it and it should NOT be put upon the people in the pits to take care of these situations...........even though they will and with a reaction time so much faster.

Let's not wait for a true horrible disaster to can. By then it will be too late.

A little bit of money spent for SAFETY purposes will go a long way.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

BUSY DAY AT GUMBORO~ Alot Of Good Racing

What a beautiful, bright and sunny day we had yesterday at the Gumboro Mudbog.

Days likes this don't get any better on the Eastern Shore. There seemed to be many more spectators the last couple of times and alot of them appear (from the pit side) that in spite of what they drive to the race in they come equipped sometimes with those pop up tents or beach umbrellas.This is a wonderful idea, especially if you have children, since it gives more room to move around as apposed to sitting on those hard bleachers in the sun all day. Even tailgait watching can be relaxing.

And those pop-up tents are on the pit side too! I wouldn 't be afraid to bet that those inexpensive creations probably take the days temperature down 12 degrees or more........ true lifesavers for alot of us who arrive early in the morning and don't leave until the evening hours.

I love to have and see family and friends around us and yesterday there was plenty of that!
It's been custom for a while now that participating trucks line the fence before the races. This gives the crowd a chance to view them before the muddy races begin.
And of course the Gumboro Mudbog would not be the same without the Kid's Power Wheels Race! There were only two for the race yesterday but as usual quite a sight to see.
Here's the video of that most important race! The Future Mudbog Racers! And this young lady seems to beat them all! Could it be that she has the inside scoop because her Dad is a truck racer himself? We'll never know.