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Friday, March 11, 2011

Nationwide Search For Baby Beleived To Be In Resort Area

Written by: Nancy Powell
Associate Editor

(March 11, 2011) A missing baby that is the subject of a nationwide search is believed to be in the Ocean City area.

According to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Ethan Santee was last seen Nov. 29, in Topeka, Kansas.
He may be in the company of his mother, Angelique McCarty, 39, who left her Topeka home with him in a 2001 maroon Dodge Intrepid bearing Missouri tag HE4GIR. The baby is described as white, 2 feet 3 inches tall with brown hair and blue eyes.
Kansas news organizations reported that the baby’s father has no idea where they are and is concerned about the safety and welfare of the baby, who was born July 18, 2010.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said the mother and child were believed to be in Ocean City late last month and could still be in the area.
McCarty has reportedly used the last names of Medley, Huffines and Santee.
Anyone with information is asked to call The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678, the Topeka Police Department at 1-785-368- 9200, or the Ocean City Police Department at 410-723-6610.
Source; oceancitytoday

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boyfriend of Missing Mother Being Sought

Richmond, Va. --

The discovery of a toddler wandering in a Chesterfield County apartment complex alone Tuesday night has set off a large police search for the boy's mother.

Richmond police said Tameka L. Claiborne, 27, may have disappeared under suspicious circumstances the day her son, Malik, was found standing on a truck bumper in the parking lot at 11:30 p.m.

"She would never, ever leave her baby," said Claiborne's aunt, Barbara Gillison. Gillison and other family members gathered at Gillison's Chesterfield home were hoping Tameka was safe but feared the worst yesterday evening.

Richmond and Chesterfield investigators searched Claiborne's apartment in the 700 block of Blandy Avenue in South Richmond yesterday afternoon and said she may be in danger.

Richmond homicide detectives were involved in the investigation.

Earlier yesterday, Chesterfield detectives conducted a door-to-door search of the apartment complex where the 2-year-old boy was found, and police handed out fliers of the smiling boy wearing clothes provided by authorities.

Yesterday morning, the boy's father contacted police. He is not the primary caregiver but is expected to get formal custody of the boy from Child Protective Services, said police spokeswoman Ann Reid.

Police have searched in Richmond and Chesterfield for Tameka Claiborne. Yesterday afternoon, police crime tape blocked the driveway leading to Claiborne's apartment.

Chesterfield Capt. Terry Patterson said the boy was in good health when he was found.

Gillison said she last saw her niece on Saturday. "And then I talked to her last night around 5:30," Gillison said.

"I tell you one thing, this is not good," she said. "She's my baby. . . . I been taking care of Tameka since she was 13."

Police are looking for Michael Solomon, age 28, Police say he drives a 2008 gold Malibu with Virginia tags XTU-2530.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

After 15 Yers Mother Finds Daughter On Facebook

MONTCLAIR, Calif. (AP) — Prince Sagala searched for her son and daughter for 15 years, fearing she had lost them forever to the estranged husband who took them to his native Mexico.

Then one day, she typed her child's name into Facebook on a library computer, and suddenly found herself exchanging messages with a young woman who said she was her daughter in what experts say was a rare online success in the search for missing kids online.

But the exchange wasn't a happy reunion.
"She thought I was a stranger woman," Sagala said, with hurt and frustration in her voice. "I wrote back and she deleted it. Then, she disappeared."

Authorities tracked down the children, now 16 and 17, outside Orlando, Florida, and arrested their father, Faustino Fernandez Utrera, 42, on May 26. He faces kidnapping and child custody charges. Sagala is now racing to regain custody of her children before they turn 18 and she loses them to adulthood.

Florida authorities have temporarily placed the children with a non-relative whom the pair know and set a hearing for later this month.

"This has been so traumatic for them. The father, the only person they've known as a parent, is now in jail. When they have children of their own, when they're 25, 26, 27 years of age, it's going to dawn on them what their mother lost," Montclair police Detective Debbie Camou said. "You can't fault them for what they feel."

Utrera did not respond to a request for a jailhouse interview. Florida authorities did not know if he had retained an attorney.

The couple was contemplating divorce in 1995 when Sagala returned from work to find the children, then 3 and 2, gone, Camou said.

Sagala, 43, later learned through her husband's relatives in Mexico City that he was there with the children and didn't intend to come back, Camou said. "At that time, she was afraid to go to Mexico because he had threatened her," she said.

Police eventually referred the investigation to the San Bernardino County District Attorney's office, following the department's policy, but the probe stalled.

During this time, authorities recently learned, Utrera moved to Florida with his children and got a driver's license using a fake name. It's unclear how long the three had been in Florida when Sagala found the Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Sagala raised two younger children she had with a man she said she married three years after Utrera fled and with whom she now lives on a quiet residential street in this city about 35 miles east of Los Angeles. It's not clear if she ever divorced Utrera.

But she always hoped to reunite with her older children. On a visit to a neighborhood library in March, Sagala had one of her children enter her daughter's name into Facebook and her page popped up.

On March 10, she began exchanging e-mails and chatting with her daughter, and hoped to get her to reveal where she lived and re-establish a bond.

Sagala said she sent an old family photo to the teen, but her daughter broke it off, saying in an e-mail that she was happy with her family and that she'd heard bad things about her mother.

Sagala alerted police, who used the names of friends on the daughter's page to track the girl to central Florida — and her high school. Sagala gave police copies of e-mails she exchanged with her daughter, which helped prosecutors build their case against Utrera.

Authorities in Florida began surveillance of the children and Utrera to make sure they did not run off while prosecutors in San Bernardino built an extradition case in California, Camou said.

Investigators checked the children's attendance at school and drove by their house to make sure they weren't packing up. Utrera and the children had been living with another woman whom the children apparently considered a mother figure, said Kurt Rowley, who is prosecuting the case in California.

Once prosecutors said they had enough to charge Utrera, Florida deputies arrested him as he waited at a bus stop to pick up his son from school.

When Utrera was arrested, the family was living in a permanent mobile home on a palm-lined street of neatly trimmed lawns in Davenport, Fla. On a recent day, a minivan parked in the drive bore a speciality license plate with the words "Parents Make A Difference" inscribed on it.

The case is "more heartbreaking because now, with the dad in jail, she does have a right of custody by default, but it's not that simple," Rowley said, adding that courts give weight to the children's opinions because of their age. "If they were returned to her, in all likelihood, they would probably run away."

Even with the array of websites frequented by teens, discoveries like Sagala's are rare because abducted children's lives are so closely monitored by the offending parent that they can't easily get online, said Robert Lowery of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

For now, Sagala is trying to sort out the pieces of her children's past. Her younger kids, she said, helped her stay strong.

Then, with a sad smile, she summed up what she's missed with the older ones: "Every single day."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Missing Kristen Shockley

Help find missing Kristen Shockley, Pocomoke resident missing since April 6th.

missing since April 6/10. last seen in salisbury area on route 50. her name is kristen shockley. age.19 ht 5'3 wt. 145 lbs. long red hair please help find her and bring her home to her 1 year old son and family. if seen call theresa parks at 4106035146. beverly northam @ 4109572496. pocomoke police department at 4109571600. or any local police department. PLEASE FOWARD THIS TO EVERY1 IN YOUR CONTACTS LIST PLEASE.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

HELP! MISSING Kristen Shockely


Pocomoke resident Teresa Shockley needs help finding her missing daughter Kristen Shockley missing since April 6th.

This is a missing person case not unlike the Christine Sheddy case.

I have spoken to the mother and in her view of things she is not getting the cooperation and attention of the police agencies that a missing person case deserves so lets get her side of the story out in the ‘public eye’ and lets find this missing young lady.

Kirsten is a Worwic college student that would ride the transit bus everyday to get to Worwic. Kristen’s mother Teresa, would take Kristen to Wal*mart every Monday thru Thursday to catch the transit bus to Worwic, this was a daily routine that began in November of this year.

April 6th 2010 Kristen’s mother Teresa dropped Kristen off at the transit bus stop as usual and Kristen got on the bus to travel to Worwic just like any other day but on the day April 6th 2010 Kristen did not come home. We do not know if Kristen made it to the Worwic stop or got off the bus somewhere in-between Pocomoke and Worwic college but we do know Kristen did not go to class and did not come home, Kristen’s mother has not seen her daughter since that day, April 6th 2010.

When Kristen did not return home the mother (Teresa) tried to contact Kristen with no luck at that point Teresa contacted the Pocomoke Police, Kristen’s mother Teresa Shockely says she got the run-around and the police acted as though they felt that Kristen was just off having fun and has simply run away. When Kristen’s mother reported Kristen missing she was told that Kristen had to be missing for 24 hours before she would be considered a missing person. 24 hours pass and Kristen’s mother Teresa makes the official missing persons report, the Pocomoke city police still will not right up the missing persons report and tells Kristen’s mother that Kristen is “just off playing and partying” and brushed it off as not being serious. After Teresa presses the issue the Pocomoke city police finally file a missing persons report after Kristen had been missing for 3 days. According to Kristen’s mother Teresa she was not even referred to a detective, the report was taken by a patrol officer.

Kristen has a boyfriend that has been abusing her, he has beat Kristen a number of times to the point that Kristen had to visit the ER. Kristen’s mother says that charges were pressed but each time Kristen dropped the charges.

Near the date that Kristen went missing her boyfriend beat her again, sending Kristen to the ER for the 4th time, Kristen pressed charges, this time Kristen did not drop the charges and the boyfriend was arrested. Kristen’s boyfriend made bail after a few days in incarceration, 3 days later Kristen went missing.

Kristen’s mother received an anonymous phone call Thursday the 8th saying that they saw Kristen walking the streets in Salisbury. Then on the 10th Kristen’s mother received a call from the Baltimore police telling Kristen’s mother that they had Kristen in custody but they could not hold her because Kristen is an adult. At that time Kristen did speak to her mother Teresa and Teresa says Kristen begged to come home and that she does not know how she got to Baltimore, her purse and personal belongings are not with her and she does not know where or how her belongings disappeared.

At the police station Kristen told the Baltimoe police that she was going to go get a pack of cigarettes, there was a store almost in sight of the police station. The store and the police station are near the intersection of Windsor Mill Rd and Woodlawn Dr. Kristen has not been seen since.

Kristen’s mother Teresa and Kristen’s brother took off to Baltimore to search the area and covered the ground from April 10th thru April 12th with no luck.

Teresa has the tracking feature on Kristen’s cell phone and it’s showing up in Salisbury and is being used at a very unusually high rate, much more than Kristen would use it. Kristen’s mother has reported the whereabouts of the cell phone but Salisbury police tell Teresa that they cannot help as long as the phone is moving. The signal from the phone seams to be mainly in the Booth street area of Salisbury.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Kristen Shockely please contact the Pocomoke city police @ (410) 957-1600 or email me at this blog. We need to bring Kristen home.

Friday, February 12, 2010



The Amber Alert for 4 year old Hannah Lynn Harrigan has been canceled. The 4 year old was safely recovered shortly before 3 a.m. this morning. Police have Pelletier in custody.

An Amber Alert has been issued by the Maryland State Police on behalf of the Cecil County Sheriff's office for
Hannah Lynn Harrigan, 4 years old. Last seen at about 5:30PM
Friday with 32 year old Peter Jyles Pelletier of 5655 Telegraph Road in Elkton.
Pelletier was last seen driving a green 1995 Ford Mustang.
Maryland registration tags 9EFL19
If you have any information please call 911 or the Cecil County Sheriff's Office at

Pelletier is a white male, 5'8" tall, 160 pounds and may be wearing a dark coat

and black cap.

Hannah is 3' tall, 42 pounds, last seen wearing a pink coat, blue jeans and

a "Hello Kitty" long sleeve shirt.

The car Pelletier is driving has a black rood with some damage to the roof

and severl spots have silver and/or black tape.