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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It has been brought to my attention that the

area downtown I wrote about this morning has been mowed! The washer still sits there though and has been there since at least Saturday a.m.

And the flag has been placed back on its pole to fly again. This I knew would occur as soon as the town crew got the chance.


This missing board needs to be replaced as does the whole entire wooden walkway! This is an accident just waiting to happen and could possibly end in a law suit. A previous owner of this property would have been hounded to death until it was repaired! And now?


This sidewalk crack has been there for a very long time. It is also a huge hazzard for downtown pedestrians. Not very good thinking at all if you want people to stroll about downtown.

Can You Fix This?

Traveling through downtown Pocomoke Sunday I couldn't help but notice this. Maybe most Pocomoke citizens don't pay any attention to this sort of thing. I don't know. It just seems that since this is right at the corner of your tourist attraction sites and right across from the newly renovated theatre you might try to avoid this type of thing.

Oh, I can remember a time when city hall would be on the owner of this building like white on rice for the simplest of things. What about now? It is a sight. A board is missing in this walkway. Adults probably wouldn't want to walk there but I would imagine a small child could get its foot caught in that hole. The weed growing there has been there all summer long.
The washer, I assume, is on city property but certainly is an eyesore for the citizens of Pocomoke and the tourists as well. My husband saw it sitting there Saturday morning and on Sunday afternoon it still sits. Why not put the discarded washer in the back of the buildings?
If this is part of Mr. Davis' job, he's slacking. And by the way, your flag is missing. I am assuming that it was taken down in anticipation of the storm the area was supposed to have over the weekend. I commend you on that. Today is Tuesday and I am hoping that it has been returned. It's the brightest spot of Pocomoke.