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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mud Bog Event Schedule

Please make note that the mudbog races are split this year between Crisfield, Maryland and Gumboro, Delaware.

2011 Mud Bog Event Schedule

Location: Gumboro Mud Bog

Saturday April 9th
Saturday September 24th
Saturday October 8th

Location: Crisfield Mud Bog

Sunday May 29th
Sunday July 31st
Saturday September 3rd

For more information:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mishaps From Time to Time At Gumboro

The wonderful people that make mud racing possible at Gumboro go all out in making everyones visit as comfortable as they can. I've never heard a terse word among any of them, seen any signs of anyone working the grounds seem to be unhappy. Each event is positively alcohol FREE.....which is a wonderful thing........

In the concession stand they have a wonderful assortment of hats, t-shirts and really great food.

They don't seem to forget a thing........well almost........

This is a photo of "Orange Crush" driven by Jared Collins. Jared is familiar face in the pits at Gumboro as is his truck to the spectators that cheer him on.

Saturday Jared had an unfortunate mishap that caused his truck to almost roll over as he traveled through the 200 feet of thick mud at a high rate of speed.

I had thought I had his race on video but don't. These are the photos that I did capture.

It seems something around the wheel area snapped causing damage to the front end. The driver was not injured but this could have been a most unfortunate experience for Jared and everyone else watching yesterday.

I keep a watchful eye on all these trucks. An accident can happen at anytime regardless of the size of the trucks motor or the speed applied to gain the least amount of seconds. Spectators are watching, children are watching, family and friends are watching and other racers are watching.

An accident like this one which does not look like much from the photos can scare the pants off everybody.

For myself, when this occurs, I can't help but feel faint. The one thing I pay close attention to is RESPONSE. When these pictures were taken the driver had been removed and there was no further danger to the truck.

The crew that was there was empty handed. NO fire extinquishers! Not one.

Also NO emergency crew. NO ambulance.

And you say........."didn't need one". And I say but IF there had been a need for one would these racers have been protected? By whom?

Oh, I'll tell you how and I will tell you just exactly WHO protected ANOTHER DRIVER yesterday!

Stay tuned.......

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Reminder....


Saturday August 29, 2009

  • Adults $7.00
    Pit admission will now be $5 per person.
  • All drivers & 1 crew person FREE in pits

  • Gate opens at 11:00 AM
    Race will begin @ 2:30pm

    All Proceeds go to benefit

For more information go to
photos property of jmmb