Tuesday, May 26, 2009

International treaty gives foreign troops identity of American gun owners

Obama wants other countries to have a list of American gun owners?
I would consider this high treason. Why would other countries even need this info when they do not have a constitution much less a second amendment. What say you?

Watch and weep!


Wymzie said...

Makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

Why would he want to do that? Why would other countries need that info even if they HAD a constitution or second amendment?

(I can't read the "Watch and Weep". Have dial up and takes forever).

Obama is really bouncing off the walls with this one, I guess.

Two Sentz said...

Once again, the right is picking and chosing information in order to scare you.

Obama does not want other countries to have a list of "American gun owners." The treaty seeks to "eradicate the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking" and the only names exchanged are "authorized producers, dealers, importers, exporters", and here's where they got the misinterpretation "and, whenever possible, carriers of firearms".

So what does the right have against safe borders anyway?

Go here to read the entire treaty for yourself:


Two Sentz said...

Ooops, forgot to add, unless you transport weapons across international borders, it has no effect on you.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to make ALL gun owners information available to other nations 'supposedly' to make it harder to traffic weapons. Regardless of what the left thinks this is an infringement on the 2nd amendment and our privacy. It falls right in with the 2009 census using GPS coordinates as to the location of our front door to our homes.

What the left will never understand is that registered gun owners do not traffic guns, registered gun owners do not sell their guns on the black market, registered gun owners do not use their guns to commit a crime, drug dealers and traffickers do not buy and register their guns, whats the first thing that happens to an illegal gun? they file the numbers off.
Why the libs can't understand this I have no idea.

Wymzie said...


Two Sentz said...

Maybe you guys should read the treaty before you go making stuff up.

Wymzie said...

I haven't read the treaty yet, but I will say this and that is anon is correct...
registered gun owners don't do the things that the black market gun owners do.

When I get a few I will read it and get back with you.

Anonymous said...

we have laws that are now on the books that allow us to track weapons back to the "last lawful owner" there's absolutely no reason to add to that existing law.

Does obama really think that after the "last lawful owner" that the drug dealer, gun fence, murderer, or whatever came after "the last lawful owner" has recorded the weapon with the government or anyone for that matter?

This is simply another opening to the second amendment. There was and never will be a way to track a weapon to an unlawful owner.

As said above when will the left ever realize it's the illegal weapons holder that cause the problems not the guy that signs on the dotted line?