Friday, May 29, 2009

Man Calls 911 Over Orange Juice

Well, not to long ago a woman called 911 because McDonald's didn't have Mcnuggets. Seams like we have a new trend going. So now it's bread and water, NO orange juice in jail

ALOHA, Ore. (May 28) - An Oregon man spent Memorial Day in jail after
dialing 911 to complain that a McDonald's worker was rude and didn't give him an
orange juice he ordered. Raibin Osman was accused of improper use of the
emergency telephone number.

The Oregonian newspaper reports that the 20-year-old bailed out of the
Washington County Jail on Tuesday and could not be reached for
Sheriff's Sgt. David Thompson said Osman ignored deputies who told
him the emergency number isn't to be used for straightening out fast-food
A McDonald's employee also called 911 during the incident to complain
that Osman and the people with him were blocking the drive-thru lane and
knocking on the restaurant windows.

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