Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's still good honest folks around, here's to you Mr Crawford

It's always nice to read some good news from time to time. Mr Frank Crawford has proved to be an honest citizen on what sounds like many occasions from the write-up in the Times. Thanks Mr Crawford and to the Times for publishing this good deed. Something I'd love to see more of.

On Memorial Day, my husband and I ventured to Pittsville to pick strawberries at a wonderful "U-pick" patch. My husband paid for the berries using my wallet, while I was loading the car. We made more stops before returning home.

When we arrived at home, there was a message on our machine from Frank Crawford, saying he had found my wallet on Line Road --we did not even know the wallet was missing. Crawford found loose contents on the road, but nothing was missing. Apparently he has found many billfolds over the years and always returned them to their owners.

We were grateful and offered him a gift of appreciation, but he would accept no money. An angel in the form of Frank Crawford of Frankford was watching after us that morning and we were blessed.

Joan W. Bennett



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