Monday, June 22, 2009

Bill Ayers Influence on Obama Goes Back to Grade School

More that the MSM will never report.

To become Lord of the Moonbats, you have to get off to an early start. The offspring of a hippy and an African socialist, Obama was steeped in moonbattery from his conception. Now we learn that his connection with unrepentant communist terrorist Bill Ayers goes back to age 11:

While Obama’s membership as an adult in the controversial Trinity United
Church of Christ has received widespread media attention, almost nothing has
been reported about his Sunday school attendance at First Unitarian, a far-left
activist church that may have helped provide the president’s initial political

First Unitarian, a member of the Unitarian Universalist denomination, served
as a sanctuary for draft dodgers and was strongly tied to the Students for a
Democratic Society, or SDS, during the time Weatherman radical Bill Ayers was a
leader in that organization. The Weathermen was an offshoot of the SDS.

As you’ll recall, Obama declared that Ayers’ political mentorship wasn’t relevant, since Ayers committed his terrorist acts when BHO was a child, before realizing that he could inflict more damage on the country by subverting the education establishment — and by nurturing the political career of a certain radical leftist who is currently steering us toward economic ruin. But even as a little boy, the Moonbat Messiah’s worldview was molded by Ayers and his ilk…..via

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