Thursday, June 25, 2009

“Top Ten Side Effects of the Transition to Digital TV”

10. Regis keeps popping up in my microwave
- Steve P., Northridge, CA

9. All the channels are now in the metric system
- Tom H., Alma, WI

8. Wolf Blitzer is now more "blitzery"
- Gary R., Buffalo Grove, IL

7. "According to Jim" now hilarious
- Bob P., San Jose, CA

6. Now you can use your VCR to bake a potato
- Jon P., Dallas, TX

5. The President's ears finally appear on new widescreen - Rollin B., Fresno, CA

4. You suddenly understand what "Lost" is all about
- Karen O., Torrance, CA

3. Reduces the size of Keith Olbermann's head
- Roger C., Rapid City, SD

2. Having to see what the women on "The View" actually look like
- Shelli P., Columbus, OH

1. Ever since TV went digital, all channels now just show Letterman apologizing for something
- Scott N., Jackson, MI

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