Friday, September 18, 2009

Recap; 3view search project

I figured I'd put this back to the top for discussion as requested.

Some recent discussion and search on my part shows 3view as a legit organization. I was offered a 1 on 1 interview with 3view but I declined on conformation of their legitimacy.

If the readers would like I will gladly accept that interview for more information but I see no need. 3view does need the go-ahead request from the LE.

Lets focus on getting 3view that permission.


From 9/1/09

Sean Henady, speaking exclusively to blinkonrime this afternoon:

Our asisstance has been requested in the efforts to locate Christine Sheddy. Our analysts have begun some preliminary mapping and review of the case.

Their have been prior searches launched by the investigative efforts of the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation; so we are hopful to asisst in the great work they have already put forward as required.

It is the policy of 3View that we do not discuss search dates, specific locations, technology assets, or team deployments outside of Law Enforcement.

Sean Henady, Co-Founder 3 View Search Services


Anonymous said...

Something is still not right abou 3view. I can feel it! It will come out but something is not right.

Anonymous said...

They have still not clarified their association with the Blink website! They may be legit, but if Shannon Stoy is a member, any information they obtain will be immediately on her blog. Hasn't Blink previously stated that she is a member of this organization??? Why is she pushing this outfit so hard? It appears that all they do is analyze satellite images.

The Public Eye said...

Blink, is not associated with 3view.

they are two completely different entities.

Anonymous said...

PE, Blink has implied she does work for them but is not working in her "official capacity" in this case. These posts were made to Sara on the Tattler.

The Public Eye said...

I'm not aware of that, but I can tell you that there is no connection in the two.

Anonymous said...

11:57 It was in exchanging psots between sara and blink. i will see if I can find it.

Anonymous said...

sara's post on the tattler

Sara, said:
Lynn, I have a copy of an email sitting in front of me. It closes with

(Her Name)
Lead Analyst/Investigator
3View Search Services

Blink is the one suggesting something or atleast wanting everyone to believe something that isn’t true.

posted on: Sunday, September 6th, 2009 @ 11:14 am

Anonymous said...

Blink's typical response to Sara.

, said:

I have never emailed you. I continue to miss the point of how smearing me and my team does anything for Christine Sheddy.

What Lynn is saying, although I dont think she should have been put in the position of having to, is that in her daughter’s case, I am functioning in the role of investigative journalist and not in my official capacities for 3View; the responsibilities of which are none of your business or anyone elses.

To that end, new leads and information have been turned over to LE by me directly, and have not appeared in any of the coverage in Christine’s case.

If you have any questions on that, you are welcome to ask the detectives yourself.

posted on: Sunday, September 6th, 2009 @ 3:21 pm

Anonymous said...

I wish this family would ask Tricia for help. She has far more connections then Blink can make up.

Her Website is well respected and has helped many families. Tricia knows the people Blink pretends to.

Any respectable search organization knows who Websleuth is because her readers and posters are active searchers across the country.

Anonymous said...

Is Blink lying again? If not Blink, than someone is, and giving her track record, I'd say it's Blink. Let's get this straight....

-It has been confirmed by 3View. that Blink is not in any way shape or form associated with them? Is that correct?

-Blink has claimed not to be "functioning" in her "official capacites" for 3View."

-Her "responsiblilties" with 3View are no one's business.

jmmb said...

"...funtioning in the role of "investigative journalist" and not in my official capacities for 3View". What?

So, on the basis that blink says so 3View is supposed to be this wonderful organization that solve cases.

And NOW readers are needed in the capacity of "good will" to encourage law enforcement to ask for 3Views assistance?

And you expect LE to to do just that? You expect LE to open its arms wide and agree this is a wonderful idea?

You want this to happen when you have NO idea what 3View has ever done regarding solving any cases.

In spite of everything that blink has done you now find it resonable to appeal to LE to request 3View?

Well, LE has just been slapped in the face again. Don't you people think that if LE wanted anyones aide in this case they would have contacted the FBI? That just goes to show how much credit you have given them and the only reason blink is on this case, and the only reason they want 3View involved is to FINALLY take this to the national level!!
That's where they are headed!!!

Anonymous said...

Mandy Albritton used to be with Texas Equusearch. However Blink is saying "recently co-founded 3 View Search Services". So has Mandy left Equusearch? Blink was in FL for the Equusearch search and was claiming inside information and being an associate of Tim Miller. Did she get involved in some kind of split or infighting at Equusearch? She sure doesn't talk about Tim or Equusearch anymore. Why didn't she contact Tim to search for Christine? With his reputation there is a chance that LE would welcome him.

I'm the Guy with the "Stick" said...

Actually, TES is aware of Christine's case - I did contact them last year to request support for a search as they had a couple of coordinators doing a search up in NJ at the time - they regretfully had to decline, and really felt bad about it, citing the almost total drain of their budget due to the Caylee Anthony searches.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think happened.

Blinkster contacted the man from 3View, and conned him into believing she was something she is not. She probably puffed herself up by doing a bit of name dropping. Incidently, all the names of people dropped, it appears have never heard of her or wished they have never heard of her.
She then decided to do a bit of puffin' in these parts and attached 3View Search Sevices to her name along with "lead analyst, never thinking in a zillon years that anyone would question her.
In trying to cover for her playing investigator (which by the way is a criminal offense) she digs herself deeper in by saying "official capacities" for 3 View." Now we have 3View denying any connection to Blinkster.

Anonymous said...

Ok I hear you guys on the blink situation but if 3view is seperate from blink whats the big deal.They can come in and help the Le find christines body, case closed.The Le does not have the money or equipment to handel a search like this and 3view is doing it for free.I mean its been 2 years how long is Le planning to wait? Jmmb take a chill pill your beef is with blink not the finding of christine right

Anonymous said...

11:18 if you knew what you were talking about you would know there have been numerous searches done already.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how Blink and team along with the Pocomoke Tattler's help, spin this 3View thing into the next conspiracy. Not a one of them will have sense enought to ask Blink how come she doesn't give WCBI a call and ask herself. Isn't that the official capacity and function of an investigative journalist?

jmmb said...

anon 11:18
I don't need a chill pill. But thanyou.
It is not my option to decide what other "fly by night" jerk comes onto the scene. Because I, quire frankly, never saw any reason to doubt what LE was doing.

But apparently they were not doing enough or saying the right things so people cast them aside, stomped them, slapped everyone in the face including fire depts., the city, etc. and NOW you expect their assistance again!

What will you do when 3View finishes with the case and has no answers?

Seems to me alot of others should have taken that chill pill a very long time ago to enable alot of you to sit back with a little patience while law enforcement completed the job.

homegrown said...

Blink sits over there and bad mouths this community and blasts anyone who tries to defend it, Yes, I am taking my past statement back, they're just bad. Their whole investigation centers around conspiracy and corruption, both for the fate of Christine and the cover-up of the investigation. That's her whole case. Why can't people see through that crap. I hate to have to keep defending the cause, but we all want to see resolution. It just looks like blink could at least come up with another angle. No one that loves this town is going to cooperate with "them", period and that is truly unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Mandy Allbright used to be TES ( a very reputable organization) and Mandy was fired from TES.

She has now hooked up with Sean Henady and apparently Blink. Mandy is not a friend of Tes's anymore nor is Sean.

There is more to this story when it comes out and Blink is not going to look good.

Anonymous said...

Well I do know that TES is one of the groups she name drops that wished they had never heard of her.

Anonymous said...

All this has me thinking? Could the owner of SM be linked with 3View thus is promoting Blink. Something smells very fishy. I am anxious to see the truth come out in all this.

Anonymous said...

3 View doesn't even have a website. They say they will only get involved if they are "invited." How would any LE agency even know they exist?

The Public Eye said...

I do not know much about 3view or how busy they are, from what I understand their website is "under construction"

From what I have found they are legit, and dedicated to what they do, they are the few searchers that have extremely technical equipment.

I tell ya, I find it interesting or should I say I find the way their equipment works interesting?

I would love to see them get permission to 'scan'? the area of the farm.

I believe that the LE is doing as much as they can but 3view has my curiosity peaked.

The Public Eye said...

Oh and one more thing is that I do not know "why" (yup there's that "WHY" again) they need permission from LE.

Looks like to me if the property owner gave them permission that would be good enough, buy what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Public Eye, Most search organizations will search only if aked by LE. They want to aid LE, not step on any toes.

It is important that these organizations have a representative that can "talk" to LE and keep all egos in tact.

I hope 3view's rep is not BLINK.

Anonymous said...

8:05, This "asked" stuff is what bothers me.
How come these organizations don't ask LE if they need help?
Is it because the success of these organizations is really nonexistant. I can't think of any who can (and sorry if step on any toes) claim success. I know their hearts are in the right places but , a meter reader, on his way to go to the bathroom in the woods found the Anthony child's remains.

Anonymous said...

8:24 I don't think they are knights on white horses but they do help and have found many missing people. I know I would want them to help if I ever "lost" someone. But I would ask TES everyday until they said yes. If money was the issue, I would do fund raisers and beg for donations for TES. TES and Tim Miller are wonderful people and try hard, butt I do believe it is all in God's time.

jmmb said...

Does 3View list any law enforcement agencies they already worked with? The results perhaps?

The Public Eye said...

what I cannot figure out is "why" the LE would not ask any organization that are willing to help...

To me there is only one reason.

Anonymous said...

What I can't figure out why an organization that's willing to help wouldn't ask LE if it's okay.

Anonymous said...

Blink is wrong again. 3view does not need LE's permission! Did the other searches need LE's permission? NO!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Anthony investigators called and asked for 3 View's assistance? That shouldn't be too hard to find out.

Anonymous said...

7:23 It is my understanding that 3 view did some aerial maps for TES's search in Orlando. Sean Henady is now on the prosecution's witness list for the Anthony case. (Google his name for more info.)

Many searchers said the maps were awful. Although, I can't say for sure. I am just going on other's opinions.

Anonymous said...

I googled 1:23 and the only thing I could come up with is that yes he is on the state's witness list, but only to identify photos taken during the TES search. The photos are to try and prove the area where the remains were finally found wasn't searched because it was underwater.
No where do I see LE requested his presence in Florida. I'm quite certain he was invited by TES and not LE.

Anonymous said...

6:19 Yes, I agree, Sean Henady was working for/with TES. TES (TIM Miller) is now on the witness list too. The defense wants all TES volunteer info. In this case, LE wanted TES to come and help in the search but the family did not want them. TES still came and aided in the search.

Mandy Allbritten was working for TES at the time of that search, but she in now with 3view and is, I repeat, no friend of Tim Millers or TES. Still waiting for all the details on the parting of ways.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 9:03