Friday, March 19, 2010

Boo Boo and the Big Man Named "Sir"

Boo Boo and his sister Yogi enjoyed our yard last summer and my husbands undivided attention even though they belong to the neighbors on the other side of the field from us. This brother and sister "team" spent many hot summer days enjoying the cool spray from the garden hose while my husband washed down that mudtruck he
adores. Always under his feet, looking and waiting for good old "doggy affection" my husband had the patience to stop his work to please them.

We all know that over time puppies grow into big dogs. Yogie, the sister, has moved on with her life and Boo Boo remains. Boo Boo, I guess has decided to stay behind to dedicate himself to my husband and we have affectionately been named "Sir" and "Maam".

Last summer turned into autumn and then to winter and Boo Boo has kept a daily routine of guarding the children he lives with until they are seated on the school bus then racing to our yard hoping to be in time to see "Sir" before he leaves for work. Every morning they make the promise to one another to meet back in the same spot later in the afternoon.............and they do.

Sometimes dogs have to make difficult decisions. With the longer days now Boo Boo is faced with the difficult decision of abruptly leaving his yard and playing with his family or visiting "Sir". Some days "Sir" is late but Boo Boo intends to keep his end of the promise made and races down the side of the road to "Sir" who greats him with a smile followed by rubs and pats and yes, doggie treats.

We love this neighbor dog and look forward to seeing his everyday. My husband thoroughly enjoys Boo Boo. They are best friends and have bonded through the year. "Sir" and Boo Boo have learned alot from each other and I have to give my husband credit for teaching that dog some manners and commands. The nice thing about Boo Boo is that he doesn't belong to us............he CAN and WILL go home. I just hate it when my husband looks at me with that "can't we keep him" look in his eye. "Maam" just walks away smiling...............

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