Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hummingbirds Have Arrived!!

Usually around the 19th of April every year the hummingbirds return to my yard. I've been a little lax on looking for them this year even though I have seen small dark images dart past the kitchen window and some of my friends have already been feeding them. Rudy, our resident cat, has been in "my" kitchen window a little more often than in his recently and I should have known why.

It was my mission yesterday to get at least one of my seven feeders filled with fresh nectar to hang just outside the kitchen window. That accomplished I went about the rest of my morning leaving Rudy our resident cat to stand guard in the window. Within a short period of time the hummingbirds were there! That's fine with me and Rudy seemed proud of his discovery. The more the merrier!!

This morning, just at the crack of dawn, they were feeding and Rudy began his watch. He's still standing in the window watching.......... Clearly, when you stop and observe them they are quite amusing and hummingbird watching is not for slow movers. Did you know that hummingbirds are attracted to bright vivid colors, not just red? If you wear a brightly colored shirt and sit outdoors you'll be surprised to see that you can attract them.

So, if you have hummingbird feeders get them out. If you don't have a feeder because you don't think you have hummingbirds I suggest you invest in one anyway to try to attract them. The feeders can be purchased at any dollar store for just a few dollars. No need buy the commercial nectar you see in the stores. Hummingbirds will drink the clear nectar you can make right at home. I've done it for years.

This year I will have seven feeders for these delicate tiny birds and by June all of the feeders with be occupied off and on from dawns early light until almost dark and even after dark. My favorite time is when the mimosa trees in our yard blooms and the hummingbirds along with the honeybees head for the trees and go into a nectar feeding frenzy.

And as soon as I have the time Rudy, the resident cat, is getting his own bird feeder for his own window. He's been in my way for two days.

Hummingbird Nectar
Add 1 part white sugar with 4 parts water
Boil solution for 1 to 2 minutes to disolve
Be sure to allow water to cool before filling feeder
Leftover solution can be stored in the refrigerator

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