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SAN DIEGO, CA, April 25, 2010… Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog who has won several surf dog contests, and more notably inspires people around the world as she raises awareness and funds for both human and animal causes, exceeded her fundraising goal for the Morris Animal Foundation Canine Cancer Campaign. Two weeks ago, Ricochet joined the K9 cancer walk as a virtual participant and set a goal of raising $1500. The walk concluded this past Saturday, and her end result was $1820 in donations.

The Morris Animal Foundation launched the Canine Cancer Campaign to help scientists worldwide prevent, treat, and ultimately cure cancer in dogs. The K9 Cancer Walks are fundraising events throughout the country that support this important campaign.
Four weeks ago, Ricochet suffered a wound injury to her wrist that required surgery, 12 stitches, and four weeks of bed rest. In the spirit of her inspirational SURFice dog video that went viral, the emphasis was put on what she CAN do, rather than what she can't. Ricochet quickly realized that many dogs have it much worse than her short term injury limitations, so she decided to get involved "virtually" in the K9 Cancer Walk during her downtime of recovery.

Ricochet posted her K9 Cancer Walk initiative on her website and Facebook page, and within 48 hours, her very supportive donors contributed almost $1000. On the day of the Walk, Ricochet again posted to her Facebook page, that she was $217 away from her goal of $1500. Within minutes, donations started pouring in, and she quickly surpassed her goal, collecting a total of $1820. Ricochet won the award of "Top Dog" for most money raised by an individual. The goal for the entire K9 Cancer Walk was $30,000, and that goal was surpassed as well, with a total of $54,788.00 in donations.

These funds will go directly toward Morris Animal Foundation's much-needed research that will help the one if four dogs who die of cancer, and the many more who suffer its terrible effects. While the Morris Animal Foundation seeks a cure, and a way to prevent cancer from ever occurring, they're also developing treatments that can help dogs now, and even help humans with cancer... especially kids.
Ricochet was slated to be a service dog for people with disabilities, but, due to her interest in chasing birds, which could be dangerous for a person with a disability, she had to be released from that part of the program. She went from service dog to SURFice dog, and is now raising funds and awareness for human and animal causes. She has raised over $22,000 in just six months, and continues to inspire people all over the world with her positive energy, and charitable lifestyle. She will continue creating awareness for canine cancer, and is supporting the efforts of a couple other canine cancer initiatives, including Chase Away K9 Cancer.

For additional information contact Judy Fridono at 707-228-0679 or
On Facebook & Twitter: "Surf Dog Ricochet"
Morris Animal Foundation
Chase Away K9 Cancer

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