Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Melson Power Show Is the Place To Be This Weekend!

Big THRILL for race fans on Friday night...... 4-wheel drive trucks running the 200 foot dirt drags in 4 SECONDS and LESS!!! THESE TRUCKS FLY!! IF YOU BLINK YOU WILL MISS IT!!!

Also, Lawn tractor pulls (I know there are alot of those fans out there) pulling the sled.

Saturday night Sled Pull and the 4-wheel drive trucks in competion for points in the Mud Hop!

Come on Pocomoke and surrounding areas!!

Get out of the house and enjoy the evening in the country! Pick your favorite driver and you will have all summer to follow them from Gumboro Mudbog and back to Melson.

And guess what?! Here's the good part, I think! This brain storm has come from someone that was raised in Pocomoke!!

And no, I'm not telling you.


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