Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boy, 8, Tells Minn. Council: Crack Down on Crooks

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (AP) - Eight-year-old Logan Fisher is fed up with crime. And he's making sure the leaders of his Minnesota city know it.

Logan was ticked because thieves broke into his Brooklyn Park home last month and stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics, not to mention his wallet filled with quarters.

So the soon-to-be fourth-grader climbed a stool and took the podium at this week's City Council meeting. The Star Tribune reports he wrote out his speech in pencil, then had his mom type it up.

He said, "We need to get mean and we need to mean it."

Deputy Police Chief Craig Enevoldsen agreed with Logan on neighbors watching out for neighbors and stepped up police patrols. But he said the boy's idea to put an armored SWAT vehicle on the streets to scare criminals away wasn't so practical.

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