Friday, July 16, 2010

Vick's Family and Friends Sued For Millions In Bankruptcy Court


Michael Vick wrongfully transferred millions of dollars to his friends and family in the months before he went to federal prison, Vick's bankruptcy trustee alleges in a lawsuit.

The suit, filed in Newport News U.S. Bankruptcy Court, seeks repayment of at least $2 million from Vick's mother, fiancée, brother Marcus, other family members and friends. Each was served with the court papers this week.

Vick's representatives called the suit misguided.

“He was being generous to his friends and family. He wasn’t trying to do anything illegal,” said Paul Campsen, Vick’s bankruptcy attorney.

Vick’s bankruptcy case, now more than two years old, has been one of the more complicated cases handled in the local bankruptcy courts, attorneys involved have said.

Last summer, after Vick’s release from prison, a bankruptcy judge approved a financial restructuring plan that allowed Vick to keep $300,000 of his salary with the Philadelphia Eagles while most of the rest of his millions go to pay off his creditors.

Vick, who lives in Hampton, served 23 months for bankrolling a dogfighting operation and remains on probation. When he went into prison, he claimed to owe $20 million.

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