Sunday, September 5, 2010

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Why Internet Debates Are So Awful................
"I have thought a lot about why people get so hostile online, and I have come to believe it is primarily because we live in a society with a hypertrophied sense of justice and an atrophied sense of humility and charity, to put the matter in terms of the classic virtues. ... In our online debates, we not only fail to cultivate charity and humility, we come to think of them as vices: forms of weakness that compromise our advocacy. And so we go forth to war with one another."

--Alan Jacobs, professor of English at Wheaton College, writing at Big Questions Online. (Via ArtsJournal.)

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The Public Eye said...

I think most of the hateful and demeaning things that are posted on the internet is because of the anonymity that goes along with it.

It's just a bunch of keyboard cowboys that don't have the nerve to speak their mind when face to face.

It gets worse as technology advances, like using Voice Activated recording devises and then tattle tailing for one example