Friday, December 31, 2010

Roads Still Need To Be Plowed !!!

WOW! A warm streak has hit us!!! That being said, the warmth from the sun should do alot with melting the ice and snow remaining on the roads that lead to where I live. At least one would think so............

I did see the snow plow travel by my window a few hours ago.......with his plow up. It has been a nightmare for them since Christmas night, I am sure and it is good to know that those guys are still working to clear these back roads.

But, here's the problem.......There is still plenty of snow or Horsey Road and Saxis Road that needs some immediate attention! If Accomack County and the state of Virginia have the funds to keep them riding in a nice warm trucks what is the reason they can't drop the plow on that truck to further clear the roads?!?

And don't try to tell me that they don't plow the small patches of snow and ice in the road.

These aren't......and I know better than that.

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