Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Worst Snow Storm In Over A Century

The worst snow storm to hit the Eastern Shore in December in over a century has passed but the effects are still being felt.

High winds began howling Sunday night just after sun down and continued throughout the day Monday and into Tuesday, reaching gusts as high as 50 mph. These high gusts have created large snow drifts, as the snow was still dry and fluffy.

Road ways were blocked by the snow drifts, and motorists who did not heed warnings of the hazardous conditions have left cars stranded on a slew of roads throughout the Eastern Shore, further blocking roadways.

According to Meteorologist Jon Cash, sun shine and higher temperatures today will begin to melt the snow. This in turn will make the snow more moist, heavy and less likely to be blown by the wind. High temperatures are expected at the end of the week which will likely rid the region of any remnants of the storm by the weekend.

However, motorists are still urged not to travel. Cars which get stuck in snow drifts will further block traffic and create more difficulties for VDOT to clear the roadways.


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