Friday, January 21, 2011

Concert To Benefit the Courtney Bloxom Fund


NASSAWADOX -- The Franktown United Methodist Church Choir will perform a variety of songs including "Child of Peace" by Mark Hayes, a seasonal cantata, in addition to solosists presenting Opera and Broadway selections on Jan. 21, 7 p.m. at the Franktown Methodist Church.

Performers include Marilyn Kellam, Anna Womble Sterrett, Jo Ann Molera, BJ Rogers, Dora Weston Wilkins, choir director Judi Tracy, and Stefan Dulcie on the piano.

All proceeds will benefit the Courtney Bloxom Fund.

Courtney is a local teen who was involved in a single car accident in May 2010. Although unable to attend graduation exercises she is a graduate of Arcadia High School. Courtney suffered a severe brain injury that left this young teen in a coma for six weeks with her Mother constantly by her side.

Through days and weeks and months of prayer and constant rehabilitation in hospitals far away from her hometown, friends and loved ones, Courtney now continues her daily sessions of speech and physical therapies to regain her skills from Shore Lifecare in Parksley.

This has been a long and hard struggle for Courtney and all that know her and love her. The hard work is far from over for her. Each day she continues to work hard and each day she is surrounded by those that love her and each person takes the time to give Courtney the extra care she needs to be complete again.

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