Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh the joys we had of our youth

Oh the joys we had of our youth
Like waiting for a new nickel for a lost tooth

Remember the snow that we used to play in?
We thought it was deep if it was more then a dusting

The toys we enjoyed were all American made
We never ate them, because Maw raised us that way

Dad had 2 jobs and Maw helped us grow
Something today’s kids will never know

We never locked all our bikes at the rack
If somebody took it, we’d just go get it back

The morals diminished, the times how they’ve changed
Come robberies, and car jacking, more drug dealers, and gunfire exchanged

If I was a bad boy there was a spanking for me
And now if we touch them its jail time we’ll see

Oh yes, the joys we had of our youth
Oh, now it is 5 bucks for one stinking tooth

When I was a young’un I walked to and from
Now in the wrong place you’re bound to be mugged

When the fire whistle blew the whole town ran to see
Now sirens and whistles blow constantly

Oh the joys we had of our youth
Now it’s 10 bucks for one stupid tooth

As time ticked away and we grew day by day
Those memories stay with me, you can’t take them away

Now that I have 2 kids of my own
I wish they could have some of the memories I’ve known

Oh the joys we had of our youth
And I ain’t gonna pay 20 bucks for one flipping tooth

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