Friday, February 11, 2011

Dr. Lynn Duffy Files For Mayor Of Pocomoke City

Duffy files for Pocomoke Mayor Election

Dr. Lynn Duffy is pleased to officially announce filing for Pocomoke City Mayoral elections. Her vision is to 'Revitalize Pocomoke City"! Duffy is a resident and successful Pocomoke business owner the last 8 of a 24 year career and recognized expert in her field by wellness community (, offers on-line services and more than a year ago her counseling and mediation/consultation practice relocated to the heart of Downtown Pocomoke. A most important role to her is as mother to Launa Ashley, who celebrated her 23rd birthday on the day Duffy filed to run for Pocomoke Mayor. Launa Ashley completes her first year in graduate studies in a few months pursuing a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with Liberty University.

Duffy filed for office stating her daughter, and others, are some of the reasons she prayerfully considered running for Mayor. The children and youth of our community are significant reasons and there are several more. She questions the direction our community is going, more importantly the dramatic increase of projected expenses from 2010 for 2011 from 7.3 million to 10.6 million and the town’s repeated issue of crime. Duffy believes the deaths last year of young people was needless and the town needs to not look away or hold meetings discussing events but deal directly with proactive steps developing a plan of action. Duffy’s campaign team, organized with prayerful consideration, consists of Launa Ashley, Campaign Manager; Edean Bundick of Bundick Law Office in Virginia, Treasurer; Donna Hardin, Web Manager; and Bishop Isaac Jenkins, Chaplain; and several Prayer Warriors.

Duffy has a servant’s heart for our community and as business owner and grant writer for nonprofits, she respects the need in Pocomoke City for business to encourage job growth and points to several businesses leaving town, including our downtown business area. Duffy believes although our ‘compass’ may be pointing in a direction, she questions the direction. At a time when families are not eating out nearly as much and if at all, businesses are struggling, and county appraisals of homes decreased recently, she is concerned with the town increasing the projected 2011 expenses by almost 50%. Duffy is hearing from other residents and business persons the community needs to address reduction of crime by proactive & preventive steps with a plan of action, less government reclaiming a budget that increases expenses by 50% from 2010 to 2011, encourage public input AND a public informed with increased collaboration, and foster a business friendly ‘climate’ encouraging job growth. Duffy, a Board Member for Save the Youth, Inc., is assisting with meetings to continue progress on a Strategic Plan for the organization.

Duffy offers she is not a ‘politician’ with ambitions to ‘step higher in politics’, but is one to speak up to question issues such as the town's direction, large increase in expenses, and crime. She listens and hears many feel our town has lost touch with the 'core' of what makes Pocomoke City great. Duffy was ordained in 2008 as a Minister in community service and received an Honorary Doctor of Ministry in 2008, Lighthouse Counseling is affiliated with the U.N.T.C., Int'l (an international ministry association) and Duffy serves as President-Elect of the Pocomoke Ministerial Association. She desires to work for a better tomorrow and affirms Real People NEED Real Solutions!”

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Anonymous said...

From what I've read so far-I like this lady!

Anonymous said...

YES!! Although I think you are absolutely psychotic it is good to see you doing so well. You are absolutely nuts Duffy!
Good thing I don't live in Pocomoke thats all I have to say.

To all of you!! (Vote for Duffy!)