Saturday, February 12, 2011

Metal Thieves Are Working Hard

Citizens of Accomack County please keep your eyes and ears open.
There seems to be alot of recent activity in the surrounding local areas concerning the theft of metal.

According to Major Todd Godwin on the evening of February 7th and 8th metal was stolen from three Accomack County tower sites. The thefts occured at the Oak Hall Cell tower, the Mappsville County Tower and the Melfa Cell tower.

According to Godwin, metal theft is increasing due to the rise in value.

Not only has been taken from the three tower sites but thieves don't seem to mind coming onto your property for into your home and helping themselves. They have also been known recently to remove metals, including copper, from abandoned properties, businessess and roadside locations.

If you see anything suspicious or have any information please contact the Accmoack County Sheriff's Department at 757-787-1131.

Isn't it amazing how these thugs will go to great lengths to steal to get money? I would imagine that planning to take something that does not belong to you requires a great amount of time. The actual taking of the property, I would imagine, it would require a great deal of energy. It probably takes these thugs more time to plan, steal, then cash in than it would to work a 40 hour week.

Please call the Sheriff's Office if you know or see anything.
Let's get these thugs out of our area.

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