Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gumboro Mudbog Annual Banquet

The second Gumboro Mudbog Banquet for drivers and guests was held on Saturday, March 5, 2011. After a nice meal the drivers that finished with points during the 2010 racing seasons were presented trophies. What really made the evening enjoyable was when the emcee managed to find some odd or unusual stories to tell on quite a few of the drivers and presented them with an award and some hilarious gifts! The banquet committee really outdid themselves this year.

Bowden Racing

I am proud to tell you that The 187 East Performance Team took a few trophies and a few awards.

Front Row, left to right: Barry Long-driver of "Sod Buster" - "Smoker Award"

Lori Ann Long-Sturgis - driver of "Grey Ghost" - "Flat Tire Award"

Lee Sturgis - driver of "Grey Ghost"

Back Row,
Patrick Long - driver of "All Night Soldier" - 1st place Small Tire Prostock and 2nd place Big Tire Prostock

Johnny Edwards - driver of "In The Mix" - 2nd place Mini Open and 3rd place Unlimited

Barry Wise - driver of "Short and Sassy" - 2nd place Small Tire Prostock

Donald Bowden - Mechanic and the guy that keeps these trucks running week after week and year after year! He's the "go to" guy for the team even if a truck has the hiccups and can be seen alot of times in the pits at Gumboro or Crisfield just about spinning in circles! He gets the job done for the guys. In fact on some race days last season he was so busy that the committee this year awarded Donald with the "Pencil Me In" Award! And I'll bet he uses the little notebook this new season, if he hasn't already!

Thanks Donald for a great racing season last year and for being there for all of us!

And many thanks to the Gumboro Mudbog Committee for another wonder banquet to end another wonderful and fun year of mudbog racing.

Gumboro Mudbog opens April 9th for the first race of the season.


Anonymous said...

What is the "Flat Tire Award"? Sounds like the explanation could be interesting.

jmmb said...

During the course of the summer of racing the driver would hit the bank of the muddy pit causing the tire to jump off the rim. As a result the truck had to be towed back into the pits and the tire placed back on.

This is one of those "you had to be there to appreciate it" awards and something you may only be aware of if you are in the pits.

It did though, happen to her on a few occasions......more times than not but she's a trooper and good sport.