Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Change Maryland / Larry Hogan

Special Session: The SequelWashington Times 5.14.12

"One of the rituals of summer is the arrival of big-budget blockbuster films to your local neighborhood multiplex. Sequels are a huge source of revenue for Hollywood. Unfortunately, they are a big moneymaker for Maryland’s ruling political establishment in Annapolis as well."


Tax Burden
Baltimore Sun 5.13.12

"Change Maryland estimates that the General Assembly has raised taxes or fees 20 times since 2007. Recent examples include an alcohol tax increase and higher toll fares."


Reliance on Income Tax
Maryland Reporter 5.11.12

"If our elected officials won’t listen to the 96% of Marylanders who are opposed to higher taxes,” Hogan said, “maybe they should at least listen to their own budget analysts who are raising red flags about over-reliance on the income tax.”


Special Session Preview
Examiner.com 5.11.12

"(Hogan) questioned the need for an income tax increase, pointing out the state already has a high reliance on its income tax.  Speaking on behalf of the group Change Maryland, he said that the state’s Department of Legislative Services reported the news at length prior to the 2012 session."


Levyland - the "Fee" State
Gazette 5.11.12

"During Gov. O’Malley’s six-year tenure they’ve increased just about every tax and fee on the books, some of them twice! You don’t believe me? Here’s a list compiled by “Change Maryland,” a taxpayers group led by Larry Hogan."


$2 billion / 20 new taxes
Fox 45 5.11.12

"At some point people vote with their feet and they leave."


Income Tax Preview
Washington Examiner 5.09.12

"They over-rely on the income tax to support state spending," Hogan said. "Now our elected officials are on the verge of making that problem even worse."


Why Does Annapolis do These Things?
WGMD 5.04.12

"You are warning about one-party government."


"Doomsday" Budget: the Aftermath
WCTR 5.04.12

"It's doomsday for those of us who pay taxes."





Anonymous said...

Trust me on this....Governor O'Malley and the Democrats in the Maryland State Legislature are highly educated, compassionate people. They know what is best for the citizens of Maryland. Most of them have been professional politicians all their lives so what right do we, the inexperienced, uneducated plebeians, have to criticize their decisions?

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Oh it's just terrible. I never thought I'd live to see the day when we'd be taxed to use the crapper. Well it happened and not only that now they are raising this tax! Soon we aren't going to be able to afford to use that even!