Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Olive Lippoldt Tidal Wetland Garden

The Olive Lippoldt  Tidal Wetland Garden
 Cypress Park
Pocomoke City, Maryland

Very shortly after my first visit to the Olive Lippoldt Memorial Tidal Garden.

A group of sailors from  the Wallops Island Station were the first to volunteer to assist in the completion of the  foot bridge over the tidal garden.  Last fall they were on hand to volunteer their services for work needed for the extension of the Nature Trail located in the back of  Cypress Park.

Please take the time to get out and visit Cypress Park.  This is your park and the extrance fee costs nothing.  Cypress Parks provides a place for chidren to run, an  area for a picnic and plenty of shade or sunshine and fresh air.   Don't forget to take a walk across the footbridge to see what living creatures my be there.  The plaques around the garden will provide you will all the infomation you need.  See what you can discover.  Take a photo of what you find, send it to me and I will post it for everyone to see.  And even if you find nothing send me a photo of  your  family member on the bridge and I will post that also.

The wonderful group of Sailors that have given their free time to volunteer in a town far from their own hometown will never be forgotten.  The gracious woman, Olive Lippoldt, that the tidal park was named in honor of will never be forgotten.  So Pocomoke it's time  for you  to sign up and be part of the plan. 

Let's continue  with the plans made to make the  Olive Lippoldt Tidal Wetland Garden and  Nature Trail even better than it is.

Volunteer your time.
Here's the link to previous photos of the garden.



Shane Ryans said...

That is great that the new footbridge was build by navy volunteers. I love it when a community can come together and make a difference. We need to find more ways like this to get kids outside more.

Anonymous said...

Navy sailors? Maybe if they plan to volunteer their time again it could be publicized. I imagine some of our young ladies would want to volunteer that day also :)