Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Mini-Park and "Community Giving Garden" ~ At the Hands Of Volunteers

Downtown Pocomoke City, Maryland

The gazebo that mysteriously appeared one fine day on the corner of Second and Market Streets is part of a new mini-park.

When completed the small park will include seating, a bike rack, trees, flowers, various other plants  and an information station.

In an effort to get the youth involved in their downtown, high school students will be doing the gardening.  In fact, they were supposed to begin tomorrow but I just received word that some of those students have already been to the corner lot TODAY and have planted shrubs and grasses in the area.

Who wants to garden???

Two charitable and creative Pocomoke residents are starting a "Community Giving Garden" downtown. Location of this garden will be on city owned property at  the corner of Willow and Clarke Avenues.

Groundbreaking will be within the next two weeks.

 The food harvested from the garden will be donated to the Samaritan Shelter and needy Pocomoke families.

If you are interested in volunteering your time - or if you are a business and would like to donate lumber or other gardening needs - please contact:



Anonymous said...

2 great ideas!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whomever the "two charitable and creative Pocomoke residents" are that are doing the Community Giving Garden are to be commended.

Anonymous said...

A mini-park at Second and Market, a mini-park at Clarke and Market, Cypress Park at Front and Market. An information station at Second and Market, and information station at Front and Market. Are we becoming a town of stations to give information about parks?

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Slim has a point... That lot would probably serve the town better on the market for a business, but the town for some reason chooses to retain ownership on most of the vacant lots downtown.
Instead of a second mini-park, A redesign and make over of the existing one is well overdue. New walkways, plenty of room for a community garden, and replace the fountain with the gazebo. Win-win.

But I'm just an anonymous commenter...

Anonymous said...

Slim and 5:54 do have some valid points but I do think that if city owned vacant lots can be "jazzed up" using volunteer labor and mostly donated materials than go for it.
It would be nice to see some of the church youth groups, scouting troops and organizations like Save the Youth pledge to volunteer some hours this summer maintaining these garden plots.