Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Riverside Grill At Lunch Time

I finally had time to relax and have an wonderful lunch on Friday  at the Riverside Grill.  My aunt is visiting from Florida for a few weeks so she treated my sister, brother and myself to lunch.  I must tell you first that SHE enjoyed it and even struck up a conversation with the ladies seated at the table next to us. 

Lots of local people in for lunch and I was amused at the table of ladies next to us who were there to celebrate a birthday and even brought their own cake!  They were enjoying themselves and that's what it's all about.  It's so nice to see people enjoying themselves especially in a  dowtown restaurant.

And I have to say that after months of walking through a "shell" with a camera it seemed as if the restaurant would never become a reality.  But it did and now the restaurant is here and it's quite apparent that it is being used.  They were busy!  But not too busy to be cordial, polite and quick with service.  Try the crab cakes when you go if you haven't all ready.  We all enjoyed it very much and thank you Corey for taking the photo of the four of us  with my camera. 

Thank you to all of you at Riverside Grill and I will be back for another great meal real soon.  Corey, you are doing a wonderful job.  And Aunt Doris, thank you for the lunch!

**Pedestrian warnings on the Somerset side of the draw bridge**

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