Sunday, August 5, 2012

Save the Youth Crime Prevention Membership Drive


Open membership drive being held this week for anyone interested. 

Melanie Bolling, board member with the group,  will be at the Save the Youth office all this week to hand applications to those interested in joining.  You may take the application with you to fill out and return or while at the office.

Hours are 9:00 a.m.  until 3 p.m.  Office is located behind the armory- (old police station). 


Anonymous said...

Save the Youth. What exactly is this program? HOw is it funded? Who participates? Looks shady to me.

Anonymous said...

Please answer the above questions and more!
What does "Save the Youth" do for the youth? How many are saved? What are they saved from?
How are the parents involved? Where is your roster?
What age youth do you serve?
How are they supervised?
What do the youth do for the community? Do the youth simply take from the community or do they contribute to the community?
Are they taught entitlement or self-reliance, ethics and moral behavior?

How are the youth involved in fund raising?
Do you have an official non-profit tax status with paperwork up to date?

jmmb said...

Anons 4:27 and 8:47- Both of you ask some great questions. They are the same questions that many would like the answers to. I've googled this group many times to find some info and always come up with nothing.

There is a Mayor and Council meeting Monday night and the council will discuss some items concerning the STYCP. Maybe you can find some of your answers there if you can attend.

I have no current info on them.

Anonymous said...

Rather than being "Saved" by some government program the youth should be "taught" work ethic.

I'm sure that there's someone responsible for the program that's cashing a nice check under the premise of "saving the youth".

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to stop the offices of Save the Youth. I will give you a pamphlet that tells what the program is about and what the program does. Our web site is currently under construction.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by the office to pick up a pamphlet is not the same as getting direct answers to direct questions! Don't even try that as an answer to our questions!! As a long time Pocomoke resident, I have never seen "Save the Youth" out in the community doing good things, giving of their time & talents or fundraising, but I have witnessed church youth, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs, Brownies,and others visibly and honorably helping in Pocomoke. For all we citizens can see, "Save the Youth" consists of a loosely run basketball group.
Change your image before you ask for money!

Anonymous said...

You have a great point anon 8:23. I don't think this is a government funded organization. And like alot of others I think they need some visability in the neighborhoods so that the citizens know who they are. This group has been around for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I had hoped to see STY volunteer for the community garden -- :(
9:12 maybe you could have your pamphlet posted on this site? That would be nice and save those that are interested (and potential doners and future supporters)the inconvenience of seeking you all out.

Anonymous said...

Never read such degrading and negative remarks. STY for years held basketball tournaments outdoors for youth, sponsored motivational speaker events, and workshops targeting the youth.

No other organization has thus far come close.
Instead of spreading fear, hatred and negativity... GET INVOLVED!

Kudos to Bishop Jenkins and staff.

jmmb said...

Whoa!! These comments are NOT to degrade! They merely want answers as to WHO the Save The Youth are. Anon6:26 it seems to me that since YOU seem to know so much about the organization that you would want to sign your name to your comment. Your comment that states "for years" is right on the money...but not recently. There have been numerous times that I, myself have tried to find anything I could about the youth organization but there is absolutely nothing. Your facebook page, which is a great way to get word out is completely out of touch with all youths and the general public, who have so many questions, as well.

Here is my point. If you want the public to believe and accept Save The Youth as an important organization in the city of Pocomoke someone should have started working months ago. Your comment 6:26 is practically worthless and just leans more towards the fact that you don't want to public to know who thise youths are. Just seems to me that someone from the Save The Youth Crime Prevention- staff- would be remarking on what a successful membership fund drive they had this week. How did that turn out for them? How many youths signed up to join the group? Where does the group go from here? You can't expect people to get involved if they do not know what they are involved with. Names, faces, places to meet, plans for the group, events, would all be appreciated and very helpful if you want understanding for you cause.

Don't blame the public if you don't get the info they request. YOU need to get involved!

You can NOT expect the citizens of Pocomoke to lend their support if YOU take the negative attitude to their questions. That's certainly NOT productive and in no way helps save the youth.