Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2 New Stop Signs Added in Pocomoke

Those who frequently drive down Cedar Street are probably aware of the newest edition to the streets.  A few weeks ago the City added a new 4 Way Stop Sign at 10th Street and Cedar Street.  Now, they have some new stop signs at the intersections of 11th Street and Cedar Street as well as 14th Street and Cedar Street.  So Be Careful and pay attention as you are driving down Cedar Street, because you will notice more signs like this one:
 And this one:
And if you don't notice them....It could cause some serious issues.  Stay Safe!


Anonymous said...


They are not necessary to the places they are placed.

Another pain in the buttocks.

Anonymous said...

People were speeding down Cedar.. the stop signs slow them up.

Anonymous said...

Do the signs slow them up or slow them down? Does a house burn up or burn down? I love our local language.

Your friend,

jmmb said...

tb- I posted on this a couple of days after the signs went up. Glad you brought it to attention again. I was on Cedar St. the other day and they almost caught me off guard. Hope everyone is informed before school opens.

I'm trying to keep myself updated on it.