Saturday, November 3, 2012

~Only One Man Can Move Us Forward~

Only One Man Can Move Us Forward
 by Delegate Mike McDermott

Four years ago the country hired a man they barely knew to be president. I knew we were in serious trouble when I watched him throw out the first pitch that year. It became clear that the president did not play little league growing up. That same awkwardness began showing up in his leadership of the country.

Our country has often been divided over issues, and it falls to the president to protect the union and draw us together. Unfortunately, this is not in the job description for a community organizer. On the contrary, they utilize division to further their cause. We have been witness to the president pitting one group of Americans against another for perceived political gain. He is the great chameleon.

If a president cannot unite us, he cannot move us forward. The map he has been using was discredited long ago, and, as our economy circles the drain, I hear him proclaim, “forward!”

Perhaps we need to identify what “forward” looks like Mr. President. Economic growth means at least 250,000 plus private sector jobs added each month. It means our enemies respecting or fearing us while our allies know they can count on us. Forward does not include surrendering our strategic advantage as the only true super power so we can be like everybody else. Forward speech does not include race baiting, gender splitting, age division, or rich versus poor.

In fact, none of the administration's policies have done anything to move our economy, our people, or our standing in the world “forward”.

We need a uniter and someone who understands that “forward” is a direction and not just a campaign slogan. America needs the leadership of Mitt Romney.

As a governor who faced a legislature composed of 87% Democrats, Romney’s skill set flourished. He understands that great sounding words and soaring rhetoric do not create jobs and growth. He has rolled up his sleeves and saved many a company because he understands business in America.

Romney will not apologize for America being an exceptional country. On the contrary, he will champion freedom and hold out the lamp of liberty to a world that looks to our shores for hope. He will not diminish America, he will raise up her standard.

Romney will not point to himself and you will scarce hear him use the word “I” when he speaks to us from the White House. America’s daughters and sons will find jobs when they graduate as our economy grows and businesses invest in a defined, stable future.

Romney will not leave our troops behind on a battlefield and he will not ask our enemies permission to protect our people or our interests abroad. He understands that Marines still afix bayonets and soldiers still ride horses in Afghanistan. He will keep America strong so that liberty will always have a voice in this world.

There is one man that will move us forward, and his name is Mitt Romney.

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